How to hide secret photos in Windows Phone

People like to stick their noses in other people’s business – after all—such behavior is ingrained in our nature. The more we find out about what other people are doing or hiding, the more we enjoy ourselves. Few people could care less about sticking their noses up someone’s business, while the majority enjoys sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. Be it at high-school, at the workplace or at a community center, gossip is everywhere. Therefore, one has to be very careful about the words they choose. From the moment we are born, our lives seem to be dictated by others. When we are young, our parents decide on most matters. Then, when we truly think we have become independent and get married, then it turns out that our spouses are now dictating on our personal matters.

The point is that one cannot truly have the privacy he or she truly wants.  Instead one has to fight for it. With the advent of computer technology, people have become more susceptible to privacy rights violations. Social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and the like have managed to further compromise people’s privacy. The trend of sharing one’s picture, mood and location are clear indications of sharing too much information with others.


Online predators, identity thieves and blackmailers are often on the prowl, trying to put the pieces of your information together. Consequently, those stupid enough to share too much information on social media are often the ones that get caught by these predators. Additionally, images, documents, videos, credit card details and other information saved on your smart phone can land you in big trouble if your phone ends up being lost or stolen. Accordingly, many users have taken appropriate steps and secured their phone with such popular apps a Folder Lock for Windows Phone, which has the capability to safeguard user’s data if it’s lost or stolen.

In addition, whether you are looking to hide videos and images from your siblings, wife, girlfriend, lover or whoever, Folder Lock app is the only app of its kind that works well for such purposes. For example, say you are riding the bus and your phone slips out of your pocket. Your smart phone, containing company spreadsheets, HR related data, social security numbers, tax returns, copies of driver’s licenses and passports – such information can be a goldmine for any criminal. Moving on, you get off the bus without noticing that your phone is missing. Sadly, a criminal discovers your smart phone, and has no intention of returning it to you, instead, he’s thinking of selling your personal information on the internet’s black market where personal information are sold to criminals. Accordingly, he hacks into your Windows phone using sophisticated hacking software and manages to bypass Windows’s security measures. However, since all your data has been locked using Folder Lock, he is unable to access it. The hacker tries all different tactics outlined in the Smartphone hacking guidelines, but fails in the end. So, the preceding is a great example of how software such as Folder Lock can prevent theft of personal data from you phone.

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