Folder Lock Pro—A blessing for Android User

A research has revealed that hackers mimic as reliable Android applications (that are actually malware) to reach your phone and hijack it. The basic reason of that issue is that Google hardly checks and assures that whether the app functions as per its developer’s claim or not. The verification of user that is signing into some sort of account online such as bank account is a fundamental issue. In this modern age of internet, no one knows who steals whose identity and take its advantage. Google Play, the Android’s app store is full of such malware apps. As per a research, almost 40 percent of the apps available on the store are infectious.

Folder Lock Pro

Google Play is not a well guarded market place where bad people like pickpockets can enter and loot the innocent buyers. The app store of Google is specially used by the crooks knowing that Google does not keep much check and balance of it and they can find some innocent people as easy targets there. Moreover, Google has no such policies of what the application can an app extract from the users’ cell or what kind of question they can put up to run the app on the Android device. Those applications extract out information as the developers desire, whether with permission or not. Such security flaws create performance problem as well as data leakages.

In such a situation of hodgepodge, you need an app that is reliable and provide your data comprehensive security that is saved on your Android phone. Such an app is Folder Lock Pro that is a source of light in the dark world of data security threats for the Android users. Easy to use, refreshing interface, strong logarithm and everything that an Android user needs to protect his/her information. Be careful with your data security and do not take any sort of risk regarding it.

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