Turn your typical Android phone into a blackphone.

For those who love the Android operating system but hate its security loop-holes, the blackphone is the most secure Android handset ever invented. Thus, if you always wanted the blackphone, don’t just pull out your wallets to purchase it, as it is not yet available on the market. The blackphone will be officially being launched three weeks from now and the manufacturer has already sold a few thousand units through pre-ordering.


The purpose behind the blackphone is to keep your data secure, be it from the likes of criminals, the NSA or private organizations. The blackphone is themed around security and is perhaps considered the most secured smartphone on the planet. Users will be able to make encrypted phone calls, send encrypted text messages, secured video calls, secured file exchanges, and finally secured internet browsing. Consequently, in a world where spying has become the norm, blackphone is a welcome addition to the world of smart phones.    

The manufacturer of the blackphone, silent circle, claims that they themselves do not hold the encryption keys, thus this makes it impossible for the government to decrypt user information. If you are worried about apps collecting your personal information, with the blackphone you don’t have to, as the Blackphone also restricts apps from collecting user information.

However, on the contrary, even the blackphone is not fully immune from hackers.  During the def con hacker convention – a hacker, named Justin case, managed to find three vulnerabilities in the blackphone which was – although metaphorically – a hard-slap on the faces of the developers of this so called “Secured phone”. 

One would wonder if investing money in the black phone is worth their hard earned money. Nonetheless, it has become clear that the Blackphone doesn’t deserve the hype it has been receiving. In fact, one can get the same level of data security on their Android phone simply by purchasing data security application such as Folder Lock Pro. Since its launch, the application became a huge hit amongst security conscious android users and the developers have been at the forefront of information security, developing the first consumer target encryption software known as Folder Lock.

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