You Need to Secure Your Android Phone

When the smartphones were first released, they were just capable of checking emails and doing similar simple tasks. But, the latest smartphones are much sophisticated and are capable of doing much more advance things. As the use of smartphone is increasing, we are getting more into it and trusting this gadget to save our information more and more. We have our personal information, passwords and or account numbers stored in it. The reason that people are stuffing the smartphones with their personal credentials is that they are unaware of the enormous risks that they impose on their security

Android has a quite poor reputation when it comes to security. The flagship Android phones such as Galaxy S4 and HTC one are also vulnerable regarding data security. They are close to the operating system of the PC in which hackers are very capable of getting their way through. If you take the statistics of successful hack attempts on Android smartphones, nearly 79 percent of the attempts end in success. On the other hand, if you compare the Google’s OS security performance to its rival, i.e. iOS, the Apple’s operating system gives the hackers only 0.7 percent of success in the hack attempts.


Keeping the huge threat of hacking of Android smartphone in view, you need to make sure that your data saved in your Android phone is diligently secured. To serve the purpose, you can use Folder Lock Pro to make sure that even if a hacker makes his way to your Android phone, your password protected data will not be compromised. An incident of data leakage from your smartphone is not an ordinary incident, it can be a big blow for you. So, take precautions and maintain proper security, otherwise, you will regret it for life as the data breach will haunt you for a long period.

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