Do You Know What Is Nomophobia and What Causes it?

When you are leaving for office or to hang out with friends, what things you make sure that you pick up? May be the keys of your car, your wallet, but, one thing that you probably never want to forget is your phone. Do you prefer sleeping near an electric socket so that you can connect your phone with the charger while sleeping? If you are that much obsessed with your cell phone, then you might be suffering from Nomophobia (No Mobile Phobia). Nomophobia is a fear of being away or losing your cell phone. The majority of this generation is suffering from this phobia.

Nomophobia is surely a bad thing in the favor of the victim. It is just like an addiction and it harms the person’s physical and mental health. It cuts you off from your social circle, although, cell phones are considered to be a great tool to improve your social circle, but, the redundancy of its usage harms the social life. The use of cell phones around the world is growing and smartphone has acted as fuel on the fire. The dependence on the cell phone or smartphone to be active in the social circle has lead people towards Nomophobia.


There is no surprise that the age group that has been suffering the most from this phobia is the young generation that ages between 18 years to 24 years. This age group tends to be involved in social media activities and spends hours surfing on the internet on their smartphone and 77 percent of the boys ad girls of this age are suffering from Nomophobia. Almost 68 percent of the people aged between 25 to 34 years are the victims of this fear. They suffer of this phobia because they engage in their smartphones working on their official works or checking emails and other similar things. The old aged people that lie between somewhere 55 and above also suffer from this phobia. Very small percentage of old aged people have so much addiction of using their cell phone that is why the percentage of victims suffering fear is just 36 percent.

There are many causes of Nomophobia such as; lack of self control that leads the person towards its addiction, impatience that makes a person anxious to talk someone and he keeps staring his cell phone, boredeom that forces the victim to keep him/her busy in using social media and other activities, but, the main cause of this fear is insecurity. The insecurity can be of many types. It can be regarding his personality that he feels insecure within himself or herself or the fear can be related to the data saved in it. There is a fear in people that if they keep their phone away from them, someone might steal their personal information that is why they always keep it within their range. If you are Nomphobic because of the sense of insecurity and use an Android phone, you should opt for Folder Lock Pro.

The consequences of Nomophobia can be quite severe. nausea, chest pain, anxiety and breathing problem are some of its known consequences, that is why you need to take it seriously and go for proper treatment.

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