Six Simple Tips to Secure Your Android Phone

Securing any documents, photos, videos, notes or any other kind of information that is stored digitally is necessary. Some time back, you only needed to keep your computer safe, but, now, you need to pay equal attention to the security of your smart phone. Almost every kind of data that you used to keep in your computer and laptop can easily be kept in your smartphone as well. Using the world’s most popular smartphone platform, i.e. Android gives you no room for error as it has some security issues and you need to be extremely careful while using it. So, here are some simple advices that will help you keep your Android phone safe and secure.

Keep your phone locked

You need to lock your phone with a password, PIN or pattern as it act as the first line security to your phone. The pickpockets or the crooks that will take your phone physically and will try to access your data will not be able to reach it because of the first line security. It needs a bit of expertise to breach initial lock of Android. But, make sure that you set up a strong PIN, password or pattern, otherwise, it can easily be guessed and your information will not be secured anymore.


Avoid downloading apps from third party stores

The vulnerability of apps in Android is probably the biggest concern for your security. It is again and again advised by the tech experts to avoid downloading any app to your Android phone from any other source other than the official app store of Google, i.e. Google Play. Any unknown app can leak your information to a third party or can give access to hackers to your data.

Maintain a backup of your data

You will never want to lose all your data in an incident of a breach or theft of your cell phone. When you maintain a backup of your information, there is absolutely no fear of losing your records. Even if you lose the possession of your device, you will be able to get all your data back. The cell phone is sensitive regarding physical theft as well as online theft, so it is better to keep your information stored on an online server.

Use an updated version of the OS

In order to keep your security intact, you need to use the latest or updated version of the operating system. Using older versions of Android will impose a threat to your data security due to a variety of reasons.

Use data security application

Using security app such as Folder Lock Pro will definitely help your cause as it is equipped with almost every necessary tool that you need to secure your private photos, videos, documents, notes, wallet cards and every other information that you wish to protect.

Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use

Use only secured hotspot connections and turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use, otherwise, thieves will connect their devices with yours and extract out all the information saved in your phone.

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