Data Breach Incidents and the Never Ending Blame Game

You may see every now and then that incidents of data breach become the news headline and rule the rumor industry for some time afterwards. When an incident of data breach occurs, it initiates the blame game. Hackers are blamed for their mal activities that they performed to get the information, IT experts are accused of not having sufficient measures to keep records secure and the end users are held responsible for not maintaining their security. There are basically three groups that are blamed for every incident of information leakage, i.e. the end users, the managers that are managing business activities and the IT experts.


The end users are usually blamed for the incident of data breach because they are the one that are likely to leave a gate open for the snoopers at the entry point. The end users are often observed to write the different usernames and passwords for different accounts written on a piece of paper and stick them on their desks. This practice allows others to look at those credentials and access the information with no complexity at all. So, ideally, the end users should memorize their passwords and do not keep them anywhere physically. Other than that, if they cannot memorize it, they use a tool in which they can keep their passwords protected.

The reason that the line managers are blamed for the incidents of data breach is simple as that is their domain. They are responsible for that intellectual property and they should be questioned for such an incident. They have the burden to get all the financial statements correct as they have to present it to the board of directors. Before delivering those reports to the stakeholders, they need to protect them. They need to keep all the record of who is accessing that information at what time and keep tracking it until it gets to the destination. Otherwise, they are the one who will definitely be answerable.

IT experts are the one that face the most criticism in any such scenario of data breach. The poor IT department often faces the condemnation of the things that are not in their control or for which they are not even responsible. The IT experts of the companies face difficulties where the senior professionals ask about access of such information that is not safe to be given. And sometimes, these denials for the sake of security become a reason for the delay in work and all fingers are pointed towards the IT professionals then. If they give accesss and any such data breach incident occurs, the IT persons are blamed and if there is a delay in work, once again they are the one to be accused.

In this complicated situation, the end users, the managers and the tech experts should opt for a reliable situation. Using data security software that can Lock Folders can help securing information. Otherwise, there may be again news headlines that will point out the devastating incidents of data breach again and again.

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