The Unrealized Important of Family Photos

I was once asked by my fellow that what will be the things that a person will intend to save if his/her house catches fire? There were answers like saving pets, money & jewellery, cell phones and similar other answers. But, the answer that caught me by surprise was saving family photos or photo albums. First, I thought the answer was a silly one, but, when I wondered about it, I found it quite a beautiful, logical and full of emotions answer. Family photo albums are indeed one of the most important items, but, are usually neglected by us. We seldom realize the importance of it, but, we do know how important those pictures are when we want to re-live the moment and the only way of doing that is to see the old family pictures.


Many of our loved ones have left us forever, but, we still do remember them. We want to spend some time with those family members that are no more around us, so we take out our family albums and see them, it literally puts smiles on our faces remembering that priceless moments we spend with them. As a child, many of us get irritated with the family photo sessions. Kids try to escape from the scene so that they do not have to be the part of that photo that they think are “stupid” as per their immature mind. But, honestly, family pictures are just beautiful, if you do not have one, you might never be able to experience those joyous moments again that you have spent with the priceless people around you. What will you do when you are missing your parents after their death and want to feel them around you? You might have to hold the picture together in a photo frame by putting them together. That means you will have to take help from the bound of things like plastic/wood and glass, rather than the natural bond of love.

As a child, you may have experienced some incidents that might have made you realize that you worth nothing. This can be a punishment from your elders due to an act of disobedience from you, although, you thought your elders hate you that is why they are punishing you. But, with the time, you must have realized that it was not the hatred, but, the love that made them punish you for your good. You might have not become a part of some family photos thinking that you are not a part of this family due to those small and cute punishments. But, now, you may be regretting that. Thus, you do not have a single way to travel in the time and re-live those moments again except those family photos that you have missed.

Please realize the importance of those inestimable memories that you have captured with your camera and do not take them for granted. Protect them, these are the beautiful memories that can be experienced through those albums. So make sure that you Secure Photo Gallery that makes you smile every time you see them. Family is a blessing and the time spent with them is a treat, you better value it.

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