Your Sensitive Information is at the Target of Hackers

The online criminals are mainly looking for sensitive information through credential theft. This is a kind of theft where an online criminal gets access to the VIP account of an organization and gains his way into the most confidential of the information. The data in the VIP accounts can be so sensitive that many of the organization’s employees do not have access to it. In this case, the responsible persons should be quite diligent in their approach and make sure that this kind of incidence does not take place, otherwise, it will be pretty damaging.

Password & Data Loss

Companies should look to avoid logging into the sensitive accounts via unsecured computers as hackers are brilliant in exploiting such a situation. Moreover, do not surf the web with the VIP account logged in. It may leave some traces behind that can increase the probability of the target. Apart from that, do not ever create important accounts with the same ID and password. This will cost you all the accounts if one of your accounts gets leaked. The most important of all is to manage your accounts credential carefully. Many people tend to keep the accounts’ details written somewhere or saved digitally without any security, which is the worst practice.

It has hard to stop the online crooks from performing their activities, however, you can take precautions and make sure to keep your security intact. You can do it by using a firewall, anti-malware software and by using Folder Lock. By taking these precautions, you will be able to keep hackers away from your computer. But, even if one or two get over these barriers and reached to the database, your locked folders will make fools of themselves as they will not be able to break them. That is how you can protect your files and folders from the online threats.

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