Effective Steps to Prevent Data Leakage

An incident of data leakage can occur in a number of ways. Hackers can break into your database, employees can leak it mistakenly, data stuffed portables drives get lost or stolen and similar other ways. Individuals and businesses should be aware of this threat and the ways through which information is publicized and take effective measures against it. There are some common ways of leaking data and making these routes leakproof will certainly help the users.

Users need to keep their files and folders encrypted diligently and use a strong password for them. Whatever your profession is and whatever kind of data you have, you should not take anything for granted and try to protect your records against these fierce threats. The portability of data has really blessed computer users all around the globe. But, at the same time, many users every year suffer because of these portable drives, when their colleague or so-called friend plugs his USB into the computer and walks away with all the desired information. Knowing the sensitivity of the situation, you should opt USB Block to block the functionality of all the unauthorized portable drives that will certainly help your cause of protecting your data.


You should be well aware of the position of your data, know where your information is kept on the computer’s hard drive, in the portable drives or on the cloud server. When you know the position of the information, it will be easy for you to protect it. On the other hand, try to keep as less data as possible. Do not pile up the digital files that are not important. The problem is that, anything you have saved digitally needs protection, the less files you will have, the easier it will be to protect the. Otherwise, a small incident of data leakage of a redundant and useless files will cost you a lot. Be aware of the facts and act smartly.

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