Effective and Easy Measures for Data Security

Without any shadow of doubt, the files, folders, documents, pictures and videos saved in your computer is the most precious thing. Some of those documents, pictures or videos are confidential that you do not want to lose at any cost. If you leak information like social security number, credit card number or a bank account number, it can lead you towards the identity theft.  Your documents can also contain some of the trade secrets of your employer and it will cost you a lot if you lose them. In order to make sure that you do not meet with any harmful data breach incident, here are a few tips that can protect you against it.

Maintaining backup is necessary

If you are afraid of losing data, the first thing that you have to do is to maintain its backup. It depends on your need and the nature of data that you have that either you have to maintain the backup on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. But, one thing you have to make sure that you keep your information safe and secured online. The security is vulnerable when your data is stored on a cloud server. Hackers are always looking to get their way through any such server, where they can find important data easily.

Keep up the password-protection

One of the most common and somewhat effective measures to secure data is to password protect them with some reliable software like Folder Lock. But, make sure that you keep a strong password for your information’s security. Generic passwords will not help your cause of keeping your files and folders protected, you need to use complex combinations of capital and small letters along with numbers and special characters.


Encrypt your files and folders

Encryption is an essential element of data security. You can either use the orthodox methods of encrypting your information. However, there are many computer users all around the world that are not much tech savvy and they avoid these complex procedures of securing data. For the ones that lack expertise in computers, they can opt software that just needs drag and drop of desired files and folders for encryption and Folder Lock is definitely the one that is highly recommended by the experts.

Avoid poor practices

There are a few practices that the computer users need to quit in order to maintain their privacy. One of them is to avoid using public Wi-Fi connections that are not password-protected. These are like blessings for hackers as they can use it for their benefits and enter your database via it. Other than that, avoid clicking on alien links in spam emails and do not download any sort of attachment. Similar small practices like locking your computer when moving away from your computer and others can help your cause of securing your data. The threat of information breach is huge and horrifying, so it is better than you take proper measures to counter. Otherwise, you will be left regrets and nothing else.

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