Do You Know the Common Facebook Etiquettes?

The human need of being in relation with his other fellow human have been greatly satisfied by the social media websites. According to the latest results, nearly 74 percent of all the computer users have their presence in the world of social media. Nearly 72 percent of the men use social media websites and almost 76 percent of the female gender engage themselves in the social media activities. With such a huge number of users using the social networking websites, Facebook still has the upper hand on its competitors in terms of number of users as well as the time spent on these websites.

But, how many of those users are actually aware of the etiquettes that they need to follow while socializing online? I think, very few of them have the knowledge about it. So, here are some of the Facebook etiquettes that people need to follow.

Etiquette of Friending and Unfriending

You are mainly connected to your friends, family and colleagues on the Facebook, some of those friends and colleagues have been parted from you a long time before. However, you still connect to them to show a good gesture or to enlarge the social circles. It can be painful for you sometimes as you do not have any interest of what is going on in their life and frequent updates. This may annoy you, so you can either stop them to appear on your newsfeed or unfriend them quietly. But, creating all that fuzz that why do you upload such statuses or share these posts is pointless as he or she has all the right to do so and you are no one object it.

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Etiquettes of Updating Statuses

Facebook is mainly about uploading statuses about what is happening in your life or something similar. But, redundant posting of statuses and that too meaningless statuses will leave your friends irritated and it is not good for your online reputation. Other than that, you need to think carefully that the status you are going to upload is not offending and if it is, whom it will  hurt and what will be its outcome. There should not be controversial or offending posts from your end, maintain a respectable relationship with all your Facebook contacts.

Etiquettes of Privacy and Account Settings

If you are choosy of seeing just the posts of your interest, you can filter out irrelevant posts that some of your friends share, they do nothing, but, freak you out. You can customize the posts to appear in your news feed through account settings. On the other hand, maintaining privacy settings will help you maintain your privacy and yourself secure online. You will not become a victim of phishing or an incident of online burglary.  In order to keep your data secure on your computer and avoid data breach incidents, use Folder Lock that will surely help your cause.

These were some of the etiquettes, which should be well known and followed by the social media users all around the globe.

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