The Role and Importance of Passwords in our Lives

We live in an unprotected world, a world that is full of different threats. The world that had just physical threats at a time, now have digital threats as well, thanks to the progress in technology. Now, in order to maintain keep ourselves secure and maintain our security, we are begging heavily on passwords. Passwords for email accounts, bank accounts and now even passwords to open the door of a house or an office. This is how much we are into passwords these days. Securing files digitally using Folder Lock also demands a strong password, otherwise, there is no benefit of using it. Still, many people are unaware of how to set up a strong password and also what is its significance.

There is a simple way to know if your password is strong or not, if your password can be found in a dictionary, then it means you need to work on your password. If the keys used in your password are located close on the keyboard (123456 or qwerty), then you have a weak password. An important date of your life like your birthday or your anniversary, then your privacy is at risk for sure. Your information is always at the stake of getting breach and you might have lost your family detail previously and a password having your son’s name or any other relative’s name is not as wise as you think.


So, now the question is, how can we put up a strong password? A strong password must be complex, not a word, but a combination. It must not only be a combination of just letters, it must have uppercase as well as lowercase alphabets. That is not all, along with those upper and lowercase letters, there should be some numeric characters in that combination and some special symbols would be just like the icing on the cake. Yes, that is how to you come up with a creative, hard to guess, complex and secure password. Its significance is inevitable as it is the first line of defense, so make sure you have a complex combination of different characters as your password.

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