Keeping Your Computing Devices Protected is Essential for Your Privacy

Recently, I was at the birthday party of a friend, where we friends were really having a blast. We all were dancing and doing silly acts, so one of my friends handed over her phone to me and asked me to capture those fun moments. Taking her phone, I asked her what is your password and she replied “I have nothing to hide, no password”. I was in a state of shock and felt a bit pity on that she is not aware of the benefits of that simple feature. You are giving everybody a free hand to go through all your personal pictures, videos and other files and folder on your phone, it is not necessary that you tend to maintain your privacy on if you are a celebrity or a business personnel.

Password-protect all your computing devices

What is the basic reason for not setting a password to protect your privacy? It is probably the annoyance that people feel while entering the password that taken not more than a couple of seconds at most. Not keeping your computing devices password protected is similar to leaving your house and car unlocked and hoping for that best that your valuables stay safe. Sometimes, you get lucky with it and sometimes you do not. That is why, it is highly recommended that you keep your  data that is stored in your computing devices safe and secure using Folder Lock.


Do not give your phone number, email address or zip code to any random person

When a random guy asks for your name, phone number, home address and email address on a bus stop, you are likely to deny to give him the information. But, a well suited guy when asks you for the same information in a well reputed hotel, you do not think twice before leaking those credentials. That is the mistake you most of us commit. Is burglar written on anyone’s face or dressing up nicely is a guarantee that he/she is not a crook? Be wise and be very choosy in whom to provide your personal information, otherwise, you will be a victim and may face some serious consequences.

Use social media securely

You might be bothered because of constant pop ups of Facebook that your privacy setting is not up to the mark and it may cause damage. Facebook is not the safest place to be in and if you are living in the world of Facebook, make sure to take proper security measures to protect yourself as you do in the real world. Every now and then there are news that celebrity pictures got leaked through their social media account or from some other digital valley. You think that they are celebrities that is why their privacy is compromised. But, the truth is that they are stars that is why their privacy breach is a headline, on the other hand, you will get not be aware if your pictures are leaked.

Keeping these threats in the view, my beautiful intellectuals act sensibly and take measures that are necessary for your privacy and security. The leakage of the smallest of the information can put some deep and ugly scars on your life.

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