Do NOT Overlook Your Smartphone Security

Smartphone security is essential for your privacy. There is always a fear of losing your phone, it can be lost or stolen and it can put you in a big trouble. There would be a loss in terms of money if you lose a phone, but, the greater loss would be the loss of personal stuff that you kept in it. Just a handful of people care about the loss of private files and folders and the rest of the others just make fuss about their lost phone. For the sake of keeping of privacy intact, here are some of the easiest steps that you can take.

Lock your screen

Keeping your screen locked is the first line security for your smartphone. Whether you are comfortable with the orthodox password of alphabets, numbers and symbols, or with the PIN or pattern, but, you should keep a password to unlock your screen. It is advisable that the passcode has to be complex one, otherwise, anybody, who will get his/her hands on your phone will be able to unlock it and the whole treasure will be in front of him/her.


Protect confidential data

Other than setting a passcode to access your phone, there should be another line of protection for the files and folders that are sensitive and likely to be attacked by crooks. This kind of data  usually contains personal pictures and videos that you want to keep protected at any cost from falling into the wrong hands. These personal pictures and photos and images should be kept locked and hidden using an app like Secure Photo Gallery Pro. This will give your personal images and videos foolproof security.

Use Bluetooth securely

Bluetooth is a great facility and like any other blessing technology has offered, hackers have learned to use this feature their own good as well. It has been reported that hackers are in search of devices with open Bluetooth and they can access the phone remotely, that is scary. That is the reason you may often have heard that keep your Bluetooth off when not in use and  keep it on ‘non discoverable’ from its configuration. Do not tend to connect your smartphone with any unknown device.

Install antivirus

Where your smartphones have the immense capability of performing almost all the tasks that your computer can perform, then there are similar or probably greater threat that your smartphone might get attacked. Most of the computer users tend to use antivirus on their computers, but, they leave their smartphone abandoned. This is surely not a good practice and you must use a reliable antivirus app for on your smartphone. Update this antivirus app on a regular interval, so that it can neutralize the new viruses that are being engineered by online criminals.

These were some of the easiest and the most effective practices to keep your smartphones secure. Smartphones are useful and fun to use, but, it is not that safe to use by default and you need to make it safe. Safety will just help you to maintain your privacy and will keep you away from a number of regrets.

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