Are You Aware of the Dangers of Taking Selfies?

Selfie is the latest craze and people seem to take selfie of every moment, sleeping, eating, washing or outing, selfie is a must. It looks like people are enjoying taking their pictures with their digital or smartphone camera. However, none of them realize they push themselves towards trouble by uploading their photos on the social media of every second of the day. The dangers that these selfies bring with them, usually stays for long and do not vanish by deleting the uploaded picture or deactivating your social account.


You give a proper track to stalkers regarding your activities, like where where do you like to hang out with them.  Stalkers know where you are actually when you uploaded this picture and this can expose you to some life threatening dangers. Moreover, not only you, but, the people with whom you are posing in the selfie can be in danger. This new category of pictures provides comprehensive details of your friends and family how they look like as said above, their activities. These details tell a lot about crooks and give many clues to track you down, you never know who is following your posts or Instagram or Twitter (if you have a public profile).

So, you need to be careful while taking selfies and posting them to show them to random people. Other than that, even if you do not upload all those selfies that you have taken spending much time in the bathroom, keeping them in your smartphone can also impose risk on your privacy. So, should you stop taking selfies? No, it is not a good idea, if you love taking those and keeping capturing them. What can you do is, you can use an app like Secure Photo Gallery Pro that will password protect your lovely selfies and will not allow them to get leaked or stolen. It will also help beautify your pictures with its multi-featured photo editor. Selfies are fun, but, not totally safe.

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