Some Frightening Facts About the Scary Cyber World

With the passage of time and the increasing awareness about the tech world, people have come to know that cyber world is not the safest place to be in. But, still people use it without taking much precautions. There are hackers that are after you for your personal information, your identity and different accounts of yours, which they can use for their benefit at the cost of your heavy losses. You might be surprised to know that almost 556 million people become victim of cyber crime every year and almost 232 million people get their identity stolen with the courtesy of cyber criminals that prove to be lethal.


Whether you talk about mobile computing or using social media websites, almost no act in this online world is safe. As a matter of fact, nearly 15 million of the mobile devices that are currently in the use are infected by malware, these devices may include my and yours smartphones as well. Similarly, about 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked or compromised in some other manner in each single day, it is a huge number. The majority of people use this social network and share their personal things as it is completely secure, but, surely, it is not.

Put adults aside, it is so inhumane of the online criminals do not even spare young, innocent users as 52 percent of them are cyber bullied that make their online privacy vulnerable. In the first half of the current year of 2014, almost 502 million records are compromised and one of the basic reason it, is that people do not opt Folder Lock for PC to secure their records. In last, I want to let you know that the cybercrime has caused almost $3 trillion, which is extremely expensive and surely affecting the world economy in some way. You need to be extremely wise and careful while using the internet to avoid being a victim of cyber crime.

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