Mobile security tips for the misinformed

Information security specialists have long known that smart phones and tablets will become the most stolen devices. Accordingly, there has been a noticeable spike in the case involving theft of smart phones and devices alike. People have a natural tendency to save personal – and often intimate data – on their smart mobile devices. In a recent study by Forrester research, it was revealed that more mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets were sold as compared to laptops.

Users are advised to secure their mobile devices just as they would for their laptop or desktop. With smart phones and tablets being ultra mobile, the risk of them being stolen is twofold According to data security Analyst Ian Murphy, who works for According to Murphy, there is little you can do to prevent someone from physically stealing your device, though you can prevent someone from stealing your personal data from your stolen devices – and its simple as setting up a password, pin or pattern on your device.


Next, in some cases simply locking your smart phone may not be enough, that’s because in recent times, hackers were able to extract data from phones using specialized software. So, what can one do to prevent this? Murphy says that in order to counteract such tactics by hackers, users need to secure their personal data with data security apps, one such great example is Folder Lock Pro . With these apps, all your sensitive data is password-protected with one app – this prevents the hackers from accessing your sensitive data.

Next, users should setup a strong password to fortify the data, because password-protecting data is of no use if the hackers are able to guess your password. Finally, always update your antivirus software on your smart phones, as Antivirus apps prevent suspicious or malicious apps from infecting your phone.

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