Five New Year’s Resolution that You Should Make

The end of 2014 is just round the corner and the this is the season of celebration and making new year’s resolutions. Yes, like every year, people are busy in making new year’s resolutions, these resolutions are made to resolve their current issue and bring the changes in themselves that they want to see in themselves. So, here are the five new year’s resolutions that people should make.

Giving more time to friends and family

The life of this era is too busy or we all have made it busy. We study, we work, we take rest and spend loads of our time on a computer or with our smartphones. People should make a new year’s resolution that they will study, they will work, but, they will give the leisure time to their friends and family instead of sitting in front of a screen. The real happiness one finds is with the one that truly values you, your social media contacts or your smartphone apps will never going to give you the same pleasure that your friends and family will offer you. Give them time in 2015, they need it, they deserve it.

Be determine for fitness

Promise yourself that you will exercise and you will stay fit. Exercising reduces the probability of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other heart diseases. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Exercise is the best way to release your stress and you will be able to perform better in your professional or academic life if you have a stress-free mind. So, run my beautiful intellectuals, run!

Quit smoking

There is no doubt that smoking kills you, and if you love yourself and the people around you, you should quit smoking as soon as possible. Try to quit smoking, maybe you have tried it before and have failed, but, it does not matter. An average smoker tries to quit smoking about 4 to 5 times in his life, so do not give up trying and give up smoking. Your friends and family need a healthier you, so take medical help and help and consult every possible concern person and get rid of this addiction in 2015.


Secure data in your computer

You must be aware of the term identity theft, data breach or hacking. These are some growing concerns that are hurting computer users all around the globe. Make a new year’s resolution that you will learn about and use data security software to neutralize this threat. It is probably not much important to you, but, it can harm you big time. So be careful in the upcoming year as this threat is going to be destructive in the future.

Enjoy the moments

The life is hectic, it is full of stress and the reason of such stressful life is that we tend to think a lot about things that are going to happen at some point in future. In this process of the extra bit of thinking, we ignore the bits of happiness we get here and there and we do not enjoy them. We are so much concerned about tomorrow that we do not live our present. So, make a new year’s resolution that you live all the moments and will smile on all the small moments of happiness in the next year.

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