Simple Tips to Take Perfect Pictures with iPhone Camera

Since the smartphones have been equipped with quality built-in cameras, everybody seems to be a photographer. Specially, iPhone users enjoy taking pictures a lot as Apple has blessed them with some real efficient cameras. But, many people fail to take attractive pictures from their beloved iPhone. If you want to be a good photographer using your iPhone camera, you need follow some guidelines and techniques to take beautiful pictures.

Avoid zooming in

If you want to take a picture from a closer distance, get closer to the object rather than zooming in. Once you zoom in, you have ruined the quality of your picture. Undoubtedly, the iPhone comes up with a good camera, but, still, you move your zoom slider with the intention to take a focused picture, but, the result will be totally opposite.

Use the grid lines

Grid lines are the nine equal boxes that an iPhone user sees when he/she enables it. It lets the user to take a well balanced picture. The nine boxes give users an idea that how will the picture look on screen. Grid lines are quite useful if someone is looking to capture better pictures.

Avoid taking pictures with one hand

There is no doubt that iPhones are sleek, slim and light in weight. But, when ever you try to click a picture with one hand, the phone shakes a bit that somewhat makes the picture blur. When you wish to click a perfect picture using your iPhone, keep your hands closer to your body, if possible rest your hands on something solid and then take the photo, you will surely note that the picture would be better than many others that you have taken so far without using this technique.

Use Secure Photo Gallery

Secure Photo Gallery for iPhone is an app that locks and hides your personal pictures and videos that are saved on your iPhone. When you take pictures, it is extremely important to protect them as well. The app is a multi-tasking one as it not only secure your pictures and videos, but, it also allows you to beautify them. With this app, you can apply blur effect, filter pictures, orientation and everything that is needed to make your picture a perfect a one. Moreover, the security makes it a complete package.


Search for good light

Apple has tried to give their users a camera in iPhone with a good flash, however, it does not provide brilliant results in low light. In order to get better pictures, always search for decent light. You will not get good results in a bright sunny day, neither you will get clear pictures in dark.  Try to keep the sun at back and stand in the shade, you will likely get better results then.

These are some of the handy tricks and techniques that all iPhone users should know in order to take clear pictures. Clicking pictures is fun, but, please remember that keeping your pictures safe is also necessary, otherwise, you may have to face some hazardous consequences.

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