How to Protect Your Personal Pictures from Getting Leaked

You must not have forgotten the recent controversy where a number of indecent pictures of different celebrities leaked. It became the headlines of many leading newspapers and websites, the stars were annoyed over it and was criticizing the act of hackers. Once again, these incidents highlighted the issue of data security and exhibited its vulnerability all around the world. Secure Photo Gallery for iPhone can help iPhone users to keep their personal photos and videos secure or else they have to suffer the consequences without even known by the world as the majority of the users are not famous to be headlined in a newspaper or a website.


The passcode is an important aspect of your iPhone security. Setting up a passcode to unlock screen is simple, you need to go to settings, tap on ‘General’ and turn it on If you are an iPhone user, it is surely your first line security measure, having a strong password to unlock screen means that you have somewhat protected your information saved in it. Setting up a PIN or password helps your cause of keeping your privacy intact, however, these PINs or passwords should be technical and hard to guess. It is not like this passcode protection will make your smartphone completely safe, however, it provides security to some extent.

Another way of keeping your iPhone security intact is to keep your iOS and apps updated. With update in the operating system and other important applications, there are some loopholes that are fixed by the developers. Using older versions of the operating system and not worrying about it, will surely risk your security. These are some of the basic tips that help you sin strengthening your iPhone’s security and will keep your confidential information away from the snoopers. You need to be cautious to avoid such a devastating incident and it will keep you away from heavy losses.

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