The Future of Data Security is NOT so Bright

Data protection is a serious concern for the last many years and it seems like this problem has probably no easy solution. There are some horrifying data breach incidents every now and then. In the year of 2014, nearly 47 percent of all the adult Americans have been affected by these events. In 2013, there were 600 reported cases of information breach incidents, which was 30 percent higher as compared to the year 2012. This is how dangerous this problem is shaping. For now, people, who have online existence and want to secure their information against hackers and other crooks on their own that is saved on their PC or laptop should use Folder Locking Software. However, the future of cyber crime is even darker and tech experts need to think out of the box about it.


As per the industry analyst firm IDC, nearly 87 percent of the connected device will be the portable ones like smartphones or tablets. So far, there is a trend of targeting unsecured Android devices from the online crooks, but, the way things are heading, there is a fair possibility that cyber criminals will target secure operating systems like iOS and Windows Phone and also the Android devices that are considered to be the safest. It is expected that hackers will use the old techniques of sending infectious emails or set up malware websites for portable computing devices that will harm them and it will be quite handy for the online villains.

Other than that, the era is expected to be the era of wearables. Wearable gadgets like smartwatch, Google Glass and many others that are unknown to the world at the moment. So, if these devices are widely used by the users, these devices will surely be on the radar of hackers and it will make the data security scenario even worse. According to a prediction, the connected devices will grow from 0.9 billion to 26 billion in the time span between 2009 to 2020 that do not include PCs, tablets and smartphones. It means the popular devices will be the smart gears that are blessing to use on the go.

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that Cloud is an amazing facility, but, still, it poses some real threats to the users’ data security. It means that users that want to use the online cloud servers for their good should keep security vulnerabilities in their mind. As the use of cloud will grow, new loopholes will come into the notice regarding its security like some of the recent deficiencies have exposed. As there have been some big data breach incidents this past year, it will not be surprising if some of the big names of the industry become target of online criminals and compromise millions of records. Companies face a huge risk of loss in the future, just because of weak measures to protect information. How will this incurable disease shape in the future is unknown at the moment, but, one thing is sure that the fierce contest between hackers and users will continue in even more horrific fashion.

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