Use of Smartphones to Perform Business Activities and Related Risks

The world of computing has been revolutionized by the use of smartphones. Individuals as well as businesses have adopted this amazing computing device pretty easily as it makes the business operation much easier to perform. The employer as well as employees can perform business activities away from the office. It has made the life of entrepreneurs as well as their workers’ life much convenient. However, the increase in the use of smartphones has also increased the probability of leaking confidential data saved in it. Users seem to blame the mobile manufacturers, but, the bitter truth is that, the users themselves are the one to be blamed.

Threats Related to Smartphones and Data Security

Threat of leaking call logs and SMS

To conduct different business activities, employees and employers communicate to each other and with clients through their smartphones in different ways. They can communicate with each other via, email or some kind of messengers or they use the orthodox manners of communication such as call and SMS. Clients’ contact information is an asset for any business and need to be secured diligently. Conversations with clients and with employees can harm the business and employee specially if they get leaked. In order to neutralize this threat, using an app like Secure Call and SMS is extremely helpful. Otherwise, the employee through which such information will get leaked, might face consequences like getting fired from the job, so one should avoid such risk.


Threat of losing smartphone

Smartphones are expansive and are in the eyes of pickpockets and other crooks around you. Every year, hundreds and thousands of smartphones get lost or stolen. With below the par security measures, the owner does not only lose the beloved phone, but, also loses his/her precious data that can steer him/her towards some heavy losses. That is why, it is always necessary for smartphone users to take good care of their beloved phone physically. Do not leave them abandoned and always keep them in your reach if you have data related to your clients or other business activities. You might have left your accounts logged in, which will be a disaster if you lose your phone. So, be very careful with the security of your smartphone that is having information related to your clients and employer.

Hackers’ attack through phishing

Hackers are probably the biggest enemy of computer users. They are successful not mainly because they are genius, but, because they are well aware of the poor practices of computer users. These hackers know that common computer users do not give much value to data security, hence, they easily fetch sensitive details of those users. Phishing is one of the most commonly used techniques by cyber criminals. People do not give much of a thought before clicking on the attached link in the email or download the attached file. These attached links or files are malware that infects the computer and leaks all the information. Many of the business’ credentials get leaked through this technique and this is merely because employees do not give data security the due importance.

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