Best data privacy apps for smart phones

There are certain photos and videos which we can’t share with others. We tend to save such photos mostly in our smart phones – because they are considered personal devices. Whether your photos are incriminating or too embarrassing for others, it is likely that you would have to password-protect them. Such apps are also great at hiding away your photos – making them invisible in your phone’s gallery. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that can secure your sensitive content in the most effective way possible on your smart phone.  These apps let user create fake users, passwords and can also take images of user who make an attempt at accessing your data.


So next time your girlfriend, wife or a parent goes through your gallery, they won’t be finding anything suspicious.

Folder Lock Pro for Android:

Folder Lock has been available for PC for over a decade, combined with a functional and easy to use interface; it has features such file transfer, cloud storage, video and photo hiding, customized albums, secured wallets and hack attempt monitoring function (which takes selfies of intruders trying to access your data).  Finally, users can setup their security credentials by choosing a password, pin or pattern.

Secure Photo Gallery for iPhone:

If you are looking to Secure Gallery on your iPhone, secure photo gallery is the best app for the job. The app is specifically dedicated to customizing, recording and playing secured videos. It has a host of stealth features such as the ability to put the application in panic mode, which lets user prevent others from peeking at your hush-hush content. The app has a host of aesthetic features such as the option to customize the user-interface. Overall the app is one of the most popular amongst similar iPhone apps. Plus, the app is also available on Windows phone and is soon to be released on Android.

Secure call and SMS:

Whether you are exchanging text messages with your ex-girlfriend, lover, or secret affair – it’s always a good idea to keep such messages under wraps. However, few apps are capable of hiding your communication activities – and those that claim to work well – often fail to perform when needed most.

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