Tricks of Taking the Perfect Selfie

You have to face this reality that if you have a smartphone, you must have tried to take a perfect selfie for once at least. But, a perfect selfie is a rare thing, there is hardly anyone that gets satisfied with their selfies easily, otherwise, people take dozens of selfies at a time and adore one of them. There have been even cases, where a teen attempted suicide because he was unable to click a good selfie. This is how serious the scenario has become. So, here are some extremely handy tips for you that will help you take perfect selfies in the first take.

Beware of the lighting

Light is one of the aspect regarding the perfect selfie. If you have light directly on your face, it will help you clicking a clear picture, but, it will not reflect the your facial features clearly. On the other hand, if you move the light a bit left or right from your face, the image would be a bit dull, but, it will surely reflect your facial features clearer. Also, you can put the light in your background. It may present harsh results sometimes and your face seems darker. However, if it is done effectively, you will be able to click a nice selfie. So, you better be aware of the light in which you are taking your selfie.


Edit your pictures

If you do not get a perfect selfie at once, edit it with the apps available on the market. Secure Gallery is an app that lets you add different effects in your picture. You can blur your picture artistically, rotate them and apply different effects as well. Moreover, this app offers incredible security for your pictures and videos that you have in your phone. It lets you password protect them and you can view and edit your pictures from within its secure interface and also lets you watch videos from its built in video player. All in all, it is a wonderful application for your selfies and other pictures and videos in your phone.

Use rear camera whenever possible

Rear camera always offers better result to the users. The front camera of smartphones is usually a camera with lower resolution that do not offer a high quality picture. This is why using the primary camera of the phone, i.e. the rear one is always a good option. It gives you a clearer picture, however, there is no doubt that clicking a picture with rear camera is difficult.

Beautify your picture with your background

While taking selfie, if you have a beautiful background you should focus on it. You can focus on your background, it will surely help you get a good selfie. Keep your face at one side of the frame and capture the background as well, it looks beautiful if done appropriately.

Taking perfect selfies is an art and not everyone is able to click them with perfection. However, following the above mentioned guidelines, you can master this art and make your fellows envious by taking beautiful selfies.

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