Types of Smartphone Users and Their Characteristics

There are actually some typical types of smartphone users. You can be one of those that do not know much about your beloved smartphone and you are using it just for the sake of making calls and sending text messages. There are also some people that make use of their smartphones just to a very limited extent. On the other hand, some users love digging out new features in their smartphone.  Another bunch of people are of those, who are obsessed with their smartphones and always love using it for their daily stuff. Moreover, some users are pros, they want the latest gadget in their hand and they know everything about their phone. Here are the types of smartphone users in detail.

The unaware users

Unaware users, are those that use their phone just for the sake of making calls and sending text messages. You probably have switched to the modern type of phone because of some kind of pressure from your boss or even from your kids. Your boss might have pushed you to opt for smartphone to perform various tasks on them. On the other hand, kids also sometimes force their parents to have a go at the latest technology for a number of reasons. As these kind of users are not tech savvy at all, they can easily be targeted by hackers through simple techniques, such as phishing.

The minimalist users

You might be falling in this category if you use the basic apps on your smartphones like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and others. These kind of users are also not much tech savvy, although they know the use of smartphones. They usually do not dump their old smartphone for the new model available on the market. They like to keep things simple. This kind of users faces threat of losing their information as they do not set up any sort of password for their phone.

The enthusiast users

Enthusiast users are those that are fond of trying new applications on their phone, they do not possess much expertise in phones, but, they love discovering new functions. They socialize through mobiles, play games and perform other activities. This specie of users need to use an App Lock that can keep their activities and privacy protected from prying eyes.


The obsessive users

Obsessive users do not leave their phones abandoned, their smartphone is always in their hands. Even their smartphone becomes somewhat the extension of their hand. They use it in every possible work and make the most of its intelligence. These kind of users must take care of their privacy using an antivirus for their smartphone.

The pro users

A pro user is crazy behind this gadget, he/she just loves it. The pro users know every bit about their smartphone, they are expert in its technicalities. These are the users that dump their current phone immediately for the new one just because of the curiosity they have of using a new phone. These users set the trend in the market as they are the early adopters.  These kind users may face a number of different threats, probably the most number of threats.

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