Best Practices to Avoid Data Breach on Smartphone

Mobile phone has become a necessary part of daily routine communication. Mobile phones were used to be a gadget that could only serve their users for purposes like dialing and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages. But, now, these mobile phones have evolved and have almost turned into a whole new invention. The new breed of mobile phones is intelligent, that is why they are called smartphones. They can store huge amount of information and can perform almost all the task that a computer can perform along with the basic functions. But, as smartphones have become necessary and a blessing for users, it also imposes some big threats to their security. Here are some of the best practices that keep smartphone users away from such heavy losses.

Always keep your phone in your passion or at least within your reach. Do not leave your beloved smartphone abandoned anywhere, even for the shortest of spans. Moreover, try to keep your phone in your pocket in public, do not show it off.

Always keep your smartphone locked, either with a strong password, a unique PIN or a complex pattern. Keep your security credential a secret and never reveal it to anyone. This will help you keep your privacy intact.

Use Download App Lock Apk , it is essential and easy to do. Apps reveal a lot of minor and important details about you, a crook can easily take a lot of benefit from this and can harm you. Keeping sensitive apps locked will help your cause.


You must have full knowledge about the information that is stored on your smartphone, the nature of the data and its significance for you and others. Thus, you can better take care of it.

When you are disposing off your phone, take backup of all the data that is stored on it, remove SD card and SIM if there is any, format your smartphone and also factory reset it. These steps will surely strengthen your protection.

Download only trusted applications from  trusted app stores online. Smartphones have a big issue of malware, there are thousands of infectious applications available in the app stores that make your security even more vulnerable.

Always try to backup the data stored on smartphone on the cloud server, it makes your information available from anywhere, there is no fear of losing it afterwards. Cloud server is an excellent technology and you should make the most out of it.

People tend to carry their smartphone everywhere without having any significant security measures. They carry all the confidential information that includes pictures, videos, documents, notes, and everything else. Smartphones are brutally targeted by hackers and if you are an Android phone user, the success of hack attempts are as high as around 88 percent. There is a lot of room for improvement in all operating systems, especially, Android. Smartphone users should be aware of the dangers that they have to encounter and take measures accordingly. The mentioned practices are the best one regarding data security, according to experts, thus, you should follow them.

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