Write Private Notes Secretly on Your iPhone

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With Notes Lock, you can write secret notes on your iPhone and also make To-Do list that can help you remember things that you need to do.

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Press Release –Top Android Security Apps

Press Release – Beaverton, Oregon — August 13, 2014 – When it comes to mobile security, the Android operating platform certainly deserves the criticism for its security shortfalls. Due to its open source nature, it’s prone to hacker exploitation. Nonetheless, there are variety of third part apps that can solve this issue, and this article will highlight the best apps you can download to secure your Android phone.

  McAfee Wave Secure:

This McAfee app certainly does not provide antivirus protection. Instead, it lets you remotely lock and wipe your Android device in case of loss or theft. You can also track the location of your Android device live using GPS.


Msecure is a paid app that lets you manage your passwords easily. Since most users use the same password for most login accounts, Msecure helps you manage multiple passwords without going through the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.  The app also has a built in automatic password generator which can generates effective password combinations.


Folder Lock Pro:

With the ability to lock images, documents, photos, videos and not to mention password-protect other personal information and cloud backup integration, the Folder Lock Pro is a winner from all perspectives, at least when it comes to mobile data security.  A must have app for business executives and individuals alike.

Titanium Backup Pro:

If you are looking into backing up your personal data, then you got to try Titanium backup pro. It’s a great application if you are planning to root your Android device.

Advanced Task Killer:

Not quite a security app, more in the domain of productivity, the Advanced task killer is a must have app if find your Android phone always performing slow and sluggishly. The app lets “kill apps” to improve performance. This app, by all means is well worth installing on your android device.

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How to hide secret photos in Windows Phone

People like to stick their noses in other people’s business – after all—such behavior is ingrained in our nature. The more we find out about what other people are doing or hiding, the more we enjoy ourselves. Few people could care less about sticking their noses up someone’s business, while the majority enjoys sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. Be it at high-school, at the workplace or at a community center, gossip is everywhere. Therefore, one has to be very careful about the words they choose. From the moment we are born, our lives seem to be dictated by others. When we are young, our parents decide on most matters. Then, when we truly think we have become independent and get married, then it turns out that our spouses are now dictating on our personal matters.

The point is that one cannot truly have the privacy he or she truly wants.  Instead one has to fight for it. With the advent of computer technology, people have become more susceptible to privacy rights violations. Social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and the like have managed to further compromise people’s privacy. The trend of sharing one’s picture, mood and location are clear indications of sharing too much information with others.


Online predators, identity thieves and blackmailers are often on the prowl, trying to put the pieces of your information together. Consequently, those stupid enough to share too much information on social media are often the ones that get caught by these predators. Additionally, images, documents, videos, credit card details and other information saved on your smart phone can land you in big trouble if your phone ends up being lost or stolen. Accordingly, many users have taken appropriate steps and secured their phone with such popular apps a Folder Lock for Windows Phone, which has the capability to safeguard user’s data if it’s lost or stolen.

In addition, whether you are looking to hide videos and images from your siblings, wife, girlfriend, lover or whoever, Folder Lock app is the only app of its kind that works well for such purposes. For example, say you are riding the bus and your phone slips out of your pocket. Your smart phone, containing company spreadsheets, HR related data, social security numbers, tax returns, copies of driver’s licenses and passports – such information can be a goldmine for any criminal. Moving on, you get off the bus without noticing that your phone is missing. Sadly, a criminal discovers your smart phone, and has no intention of returning it to you, instead, he’s thinking of selling your personal information on the internet’s black market where personal information are sold to criminals. Accordingly, he hacks into your Windows phone using sophisticated hacking software and manages to bypass Windows’s security measures. However, since all your data has been locked using Folder Lock, he is unable to access it. The hacker tries all different tactics outlined in the Smartphone hacking guidelines, but fails in the end. So, the preceding is a great example of how software such as Folder Lock can prevent theft of personal data from you phone.

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Why not securing portable drives are the biggest risk you can take.

Portable drives are the most popular means of moving large chunks of data from computer A to computer B. Today, most drives can hold several gigabytes of data into one device which is essential – considering the large amounts of data we use today. It seems like we unknowingly cram personal videos, documents, images and the like into our portable drives without realizing the implications behind it.  To illustrate what can happen in such a case, take the following story as an example:

There was once a guy name Alex, he was smart, witty and intelligent to say the least. He graduated from college majoring in actuaries. He was excellent in predicting risk and statistical outcomes. He was so good that he landed a well paying job at a large insurance company.  Within a few years, he moved up the ladder quicker than most of his peers – in fact within few years – he landed a high-profile position as the chief of risk analysis department. Shocked by his new found success, his peers – many of who were still in their original position – often also expressed jealously by his success and abilities.

Consequently, one of his peers named Jeff became so jealous; he decided to act on it. For that reason, he conjured up a diabolical plan to get Alex fired, and perhaps even blacklist him from being employed in the field of actuaries all together. Jeff knew that Alex always carries around his portable drive home with him – so that he can get extra work done – even at home. One day, when Alex had done uploading his work for so that he can work from home – he stepped out from his cabin to go to the bathroom, Jeff acting swiftly – and not missing out on a chance to act – quickly went into his cabin and replaced his external drive with a duplicate one (so that Alex wont suspect any wrongdoing.)


Surprisingly, Alex didn’t suspect a thing, and he grabbed the decoy drive and went home. While, Jeff quickly acted on moving along with his plan to sabotage Alex’s career. Accordingly, he drove to a competitor’s office, and left the drive at the front gate. After few months, Alex’s employer began losing money and customers –they were confused about the sudden drop in sales and customers. After Alex’s employers launch an investigation, it was realized that company data – which was only vested to Alex – had ended up, somehow, in the hands of competitors – his guilt was further proved when his drive turned up on the competitors premises. As it would obviously be predicted, Alex was fired and the news spread like wildfire of his unethical behavior – and as you can make out by the scenario – he was unemployable – at least in the insurance industry.

The above is a great example of what an unsecured drive can do to a person’s career; there are also other examples of blackmail, identity theft and theft of intellectual property. To ensure that this never happens to you, make sure that you Secure USB drives containing confidential information.

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Your Smartphone is at the Target of a Burglar

Smartphones are one of the precious commodities that people carry around. With the increasing craze of using the latest and most equipped smartphone has benefited the street burglars as they have many opportunities to steal dear phones and cell them ahead. One needs to be extremely careful while roaming with his/her smartphone as his/her phone can be on the target of a pickpocket or some other crook wandering in the streets, public places on in public transport. You might be astonished to know the statistics of stolen phone of stolen smartphones last year.

The law enforcement agency could not do much to prevent smartphones thefts as in San Fransisco, the rate of smartphone theft has been increased by 23 percent. As per the reports, 2,400 smartphones were looted by the thieves in 2013. Moreover, in New York, 8,465 only Apple’s devices were stolen in the previous year that is mind boggling. The capital of the USA was not safe either, there was a 6 percent increase in the cell phone theft last year, whereas, Denver’s citizen observed that they are being the victim of smartphone theft 22 percent more than the previous year. The more interest is related with Philadelphia, where 500 were pinched from their users in just public transport, which is an increase of 44 percent in the span of just two years.


The hazard of losing smartphones to the thieves and crooks is not just in terms of losing a pricey device, it involves other risks as well in terms of data leakage. Smartphones are capable of storing and processing every kind of data and people make the most of it. Apart from that, even if someone has not stored something confidential in it, but, it must have contained some pictures, maybe of family, friends or someone special. Windows Phone has a great reputation for providing flawless camera result, you will surely not want any burglar to see those photos, to serve the purpose, make sure you protect them using Folder Lock for Windows Phone. Your smartphone may be on the target of a pickpocket, make sure you just lose the device, not your loved memories.

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The future of Cyber security

In the old ages, there was no electricity, and certainly there were no computers. People had a lot of time on their hands, and in certain areas, people killed each other over petty issues – all in all, it was lawless. Respectively, Imagine walking down the street during the medieval ages, you just purchased some fruits and veggies, not knowing what would happen next, someone comes behind you, and stabs you in the back and then takes all your groceries and runs off with it. This is just an example of the chaos people had to live within those ages. In the medieval times, life was simple, rich people just lounged around and enjoyed themselves with simple fun, while the poor labored all day to make ends meet. Back then, if you got caught for practicing the “wrong religion”, you could certainly have your head cut-off as a means of execution.  In a nutshell, life was brutal back then, and we are lucky to have such great living conditions and rights in our modern day society.

Today, our lives are more convenient than ever before. We drive cars instead of riding horses, making most long journeys a matter of hours not days. We can travel to far distant countries in aircrafts covering thousands of miles within few hours.  Best of all (at least for geeks) we have the internet which has removed the barriers of global communications, redefined entertainment and ultimately replaced snail-mail. The internet is a world of its own; it is perhaps arguably man’s biggest achievement to date. However, when things become too large, they become too much to handle. The same can be thought of the internet, despite its technological sophistication, it’s a mess. The internet’s biggest drawback is it’s generally insecure. Hackers can have their way, and hack into servers, stealing information, leaking government data and stealing people’s identity.


Despite several attempts to pass cyber-security laws, the internet is no less of a safer place. This is because it’s global, and every country has their own jurisdiction for enforcing laws.  Cyber-laws in one country may not apply in a different country. Thus, a hacker in one country can steal the identity of a victim in another country and easily get away with it. So, what is the solution to staying secure on the internet? Well, since the actual internet infrastructure is insecure, it is up to the individual PC owner to secure his connection from his or her end. Using VPN and antivirus software, users can stay secure from hackers at their own expense. On the other hand, if the PC or laptop is stolen, your antivirus software can’t stop the criminal from physically accessing your PC and stealing the data. Thus, user need to be vigilant and Password Protect Folders or files which contains sensitive information, which, if compromised, can be result in devastation consequences for victims. Such data security software actually locks and hides important data so well, that it becomes impossible for criminals to crack it.

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