Paul Walker: 7 Movies for Remembering the Actor


Paul Walker died in a car accident on November 30. Walker, born September 12, 1973 in Glendale California, was only 40 years old. He is best remembered for The Fast and Furious movie series where he played Brian O’Conner. Walker was involved in charitable works and was a founder of Reach Out WorldWide, a network of professional first-responders who volunteer following natural disasters. He was attending an event for the charity when he was the passenger in a car accident that took both his life and the driver’s as well.

In addition to his Fast and Furious series, Walker has been credited with more than 40 acting roles and three producer roles. He had also been working on several movies at the time of his death. Fast & Furious 7, and another movie, Brick Mansions, are both listed as “post-production” on IMDB. The following are 7 movies Walker has appeared in, other than Fast and Furious, in order of release date.

1. Pleasantville (1998)

Walker played Skip Martin in Pleasantville. Martin was Reese Witherspoon’s character’s love interest after she and her brother were transported from the 1990s to a 1950s television show. In addition to Witherspoon and Walker, Tobey Maguire, William H. Macy, and Jeff Daniels were in the film as well.

2. Varsity Blues (1999)

Lance Harbor (Walker) was his high school football team’s star player, but when he suffered an injury, John Moxon (James Van Der Beek) assumed control of the team as quarterback. An Entertainment Weekly review said of Walker that he “gets at the essence of every teenage jock who suddenly realizes he’s been living a fantasy.”

3. Joy Ride (2001)


Three young adults, including Walker’s Lewis Thomas, are traveling across the country when they begin talking to a trucker over a CB radio. The trucker turns out to be psychotic, who says he will follow them until they are dead.

Roger Ebert said of the film it was a “first-rate pure thriller, an exercise that depends on believable characters and the director’s skill in putting the pieces together.”



4. Flags of Our Fathers (2006)

Directed by Clint Eastwood, this movie tells the story of two men during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. Walker plays Sergeant Hank Hansen. The real Hansen was one of the men photographed raising the flag after the battle ended.

The film earned Clint Eastwood a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director, and two Oscar nominations, for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

5. Running Scared (2006)


As Joey Gazelle, Walker was a low-level gangster. Needing to dispatch a gun used in a shooting, he hides it in a wall where his 10-year-old son finds, uses it, and flees. Gazelle then needs to find his son before other mobsters, or authorities, catch up with the boy.

Actor Thomas Jane was actually the first choice for Walker’s role, but he had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts.



6. Eight Below (2006)


Jerry Shepard (Walker) is a sled dog trainer, forced to abandon his dogs at a polar base during an Antarctic mission when a winter storm hits. The mission is called off, and Shepard searches for months to find a way to save the abandoned animals.

The movie is based on a 1958 Japanese expedition to the South Pole. It won two ASCAP Awards.




7. Hours (2013)


Scheduled for release on December 13, Walker’s role is that of Nolan, a single father trying to keep his infant child alive in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


World’s most stunning mountaintop hotels


Some of the world’s most breathtaking resorts are located far from sea level. Nestled in mountain ranges and perched on top of desert cliffs, these hotels offer visitors picturesque views and quiet retreats away from the hustle of everyday life. Here are our picks for the world’s most stunning mountaintop hotels.

Where: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

At the edge of Jackson Hole’s East Gros Ventre Butte is Amangani, (meaning peaceful home) one of the world’s most stunning mountaintop resorts. The hotel offers unparalleled views of the Grand Teton Mountains and the surrounding meadows and valleys. Guests can enjoy the scenery from the hotel’s outdoor pool, or take in the breathtaking views from one of the resort’s exclusive suites. Learn about the surrounding area with a book on Native American culture from Amangani’s (Image above) redwood-decorated library or wander the resort’s gallery of regional artwork and buy a piece of local jewelry to remember your mountain stay.


Wildflower Hall
Where: in the Himalayas near Shimla, India

Untouched scenery and antique furnishings make Wildflower Hall one of the world’s premiere mountaintop resorts. The hotel’s colonial-era décor and view of the nearby Himalayas will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. Visitors can explore the surrounding forests by foot, or enjoy views of the snowcapped mountains from the resort’s heated outdoor pool. Indulge in holistic treatments at the Oberoi spa’s private spa suites that offer exquisite views of mountains and tall cedars. During the winter enjoy skating on the hotel’s own ice rink, and during warm summer days enjoy archery or croquet on the resort’s lush lawns.


Vigilius Mountain Resort
Where: South Tyrol, Italy

Guests looking to escape the hustle and bustle can unwind at Vigilius Mountain Resort in South Tyrol, Italy. The resort is car-free, and the hotel prides itself on its eco-friendly practices. Visitors can explore bubbling springs and pristine forests, and enjoy some of the best mountain views in the area. The resort is also home to a 13th-century church that adds to its romantic ambiance. Experience an elegant dinner at the resort’s Restaurant 1500, or enjoy a cozy lunch with regional dishes cooked in the hundred-year-old tiled stove at the Parlour Ida, where homemade cakes are served as well. Then relax at the resort’s spa, relishing the treatments that utilize the fresh waters of the Vigiljoch springs—believed to have healing powers.


St. Regis Lhasa Resort
Where: Tibet, China

For unparalleled views of the Polata Palace and the Himalayan mountains, visit the St. Regis Lhasa Resort. The hotel’s Golden Energy Pool overlooks the surrounding valley, and its traditional architecture pays homage to Tibetan elegance and simplicity. Have the resort’s chauffeur take you on a guided tour of Mount Everest, or the more than 600-year-old Tashilunpo Monastery, or the ancient palace Yunbulakang. Enjoy more Tibetan culture with the St. Regis Sabrage Evening Ritual where the resort’s butler team will use sabers to dramatically open a champagne bottle and then pour you a glass.


Sparkling Hill Resort
Where: Vernon, British Columbia

Shimmering Swarovski crystals and sleek architecture make Sparkling Hill Resort one of the world’s premiere mountaintop hotels. The hotel’s elegant décor comes second to the area’s natural beauty, as guests can enjoy views of the Monashee Mountains and Okanagan Lake. For stunning indoor views visit the resort’s indoor pool with starry Swarovski crystal sky. The KurSpa’s other sparkling amenities include a crystal steam room, aqua meditation room with water dripping into a crystal basin, and the igloo room with glazed, crystal-lacquered floors.765114e6-1909-4b55-ac3d-7f7bea0c71a1_6-kasbah-tamadot-high-atlas-mountains-morocco

Kasbah Tamadot
Where: High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

British entrepreneur Richard Branson restored Kasbah Tamadot to its original grandeur, as the resort was once the private villa of an Italian artist. The hotel is located at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and overlooks a scenic river valley. The resort includes two infinity pools, a private collection of fine art and artifacts, and authentic Berber tents with spectacular views. Exciting activities at the resort include mule treks through the mountains, a visit to the nearby craft house run by  the area’s young women, and a trip to the neighboring Eco-Museum to learn about the area’s natural and cultural resources.


Salto Chico Lodge
Where: Patagonia, Chile

Located at the banks of the Salto Chico waterfall, Salto Chico Lodge offers unparalleled views of the Torres del Paine National Park and the Paine Massif mountain range. Guests can take advantage of the resort’s own 26-horse stable with a horseback ride across acres of sprawling property, or take in the scenery from one of the resort’s coveted suites. Patagonia’s rich gaucho culture can be experienced with a trip to the Estancia 2 de Enero to watch gauchos shear sheep, drive livestock, and train horses.

Who Is Paul Walker’s Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell?

Paul Walker And His Girlfriend Out For A Walk In Maui

The untimely passing of Paul Walker in a car crash this weekend sent the world reeling. The low-key actor kept his private life private, and now his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell has been thrust into the spotlight in the worst possible way. Here’s what we know about the heartbroken beauty.

Who Was Really Kissing Chris Hemsworth in ‘Thor: The Dark World’?

Natalie Portman stars alongside Chris Hemsworth in “Thor: The Dark World,” and the two have many scenes together throughout the film, but remember that steamy love scene between them in the end credits?

As it turns out, the scene wasn’t actually between the co-stars, and Natalie wasn’t really the lucky lady smooching it up with the hunky Australian!

The Oscar-winning actress revealed to the New York Daily News that it was really his wife, Elsa Pataky, who was the one puckering up for the big screen in the credits.

“It was for reshoots (after the film was finished) and he was working in Hong Kong and I couldn’t get there because I was working on my own film,” said Natalie. “And so they put his wife in my wig and costume, that’s why it was so passionate. It was such a perfect solution, wasn’t it…” she told the mag.

Check out this video to see the steamy smooch, and be sure to tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.

15 Things We Learned From the New ‘Breaking Bad’ Documentary

Christmas has come early for “Breaking Bad” fans: The “Complete Series” Blu-ray set is in stores today, and it’s packed with commentaries and special features to go along with all 62 episodes of AMC’s epic drug-trade drama.

But the 99.9-percent pure highlight for fans has to be “No Half Measures,” the 2 hour and 15 minute (!) documentary about the making of “BB’s” final season. The filmmakers had amazing access to the cast and crew throughout the production of “BB’s” final eight episodes, letting us be a fly on the wall (or in the meth lab) as Walter White’s long journey from Mr. Chips to Scarface draws to a close.

You should really watch the entire thing, but here, we’ve picked out 15 things the documentary taught us about one of the greatest TV dramas of all time.


1. “Breaking Bad” ended right where it began.

That flashback to Walt and Jesse’s first cook at the beginning of Season 5’s “Ozymandias”? That was the very last thing filmed on the series. We see stars Bryan Cranston (Walt) and Aaron Paul (Jesse) on that final day of shooting, in very different states of mind: Paul was sad and sentimental (“This day is just horrible. Awful.”), while Cranston was a jokester till the bitter end.

In fact, in the very last scene the Emmy-winning co-stars shot together, Cranston dropped his trademark tighty-whities and did a take with his bare ass to the camera. Speaking of Heisenberg’s undergarments…

2. We almost didn’t see Walt in his iconic tighty-whities.

“BB” creator Vince Gilligan recalls shooting the pilot episode, with Cranston in nothing but undies and an apron. It was a cold morning, and Gilligan remembers giving his star a chance to back out, asking him: “How do you feel about the underpants?”

Cranston responded: “What’s the most embarrassing thing I could be dressed in?” When Gilligan replied “tighty-whitey underpants,” Cranston said firmly: “That’s what I’m going to wear. Because that’s what’s right for the character.” And a classic TV image was born.

3. Aaron Paul is a super-intense actor… even at the table read.

The doc shows the “BB” cast and crew reuniting to shoot the final eight episodes and sitting down for a table read of the first of the eight, “Blood Money.” We see Paul and Cranston reading an emotionally wrenching scene, and even though it’s just a table read, Paul is fully invested; we even think we saw tears in his eyes. Do they give out Emmys for table reads? If so, Paul gets our vote.

Get an exclusive sneak peek at the “Breaking Bad” doc “No Half Measures” right here:

4. It took hours in the makeup chair to become Walter White.

We didn’t realize this while watching the show, but Bryan Cranston didn’t just shave his head to become Walter White; he also put on plenty of makeup to play a gaunt, cancer-stricken Walt in the final season. We see Cranston in the makeup chair getting latex skin applied to his face to add extra wrinkles and what he calls a “turkey neck.” “What we’re trying to do is age him and decay him,” the star says.

5. Bryan Cranston can take a punch.

During the filming of the pivotal scene at the end of “Blood Money,” where Hank confronts Walt about being Heisenberg (aka the “Tread Lightly” scene), Cranston wore two hats: actor and director. (Cranston directed three episodes of “BB,” including that one.)

And he pushed for authenticity… even at the expense of his own face. The show’s stunt coordinator Laurence Chavez says Cranston insisted on making Hank punching Walt look real, despite Chavez’s objections: “You want to keep him safe, but you also want to get him what he’s looking for.” Plus, we get an intriguing look at an unused take of that scene, with a much more emotional Hank calling Walt to task for his misdeeds.



6. Bob Odenkirk wasn’t a loyal viewer… even after he joined the show.

Odenkirk, who joined the cast as oily lawyer Saul Goodman in Season 2, confesses that when he came onboard, he wasn’t familiar with the show: “The third season, I was in 10 or 11 episodes, and I still hadn’t seen the show, even then. So I didn’t know entirely what was going on or who I was talking about.”

He adds that when Saul would be talking about Gus Fring or some other off-camera character, Cranston would sometimes have to explain to him who they were, adding: “You haven’t watched the show, have you?” (Somebody buy this man the Complete Series Blu-ray set for Christmas!)

7. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul prepare in different ways.

While the two actors get ready to film the tense park scene from “Rabid Dog” (where Jesse was supposed to lure Walt into a trap set by Hank, but threatened him instead), we get some insight into their acting methods. As Cranston says of Paul, “He prides himself on getting all his lines exactly right, and I pride myself on not.”

We see Paul struggling to memorize his lines, and debating whether or not to just stick a copy of his lines on the pay phone he’s using in the scene. Cranston says he’d be in good company: “Hey, Brando did it.” Paul: “I’m not Brando, though.” Cranston: “I meant Bob Brando.” (In the end, Paul does the scene without any help, and nails it.)



8. By the time Hank died, Dean Norris already had his next job lined up.

We were all sad to see Hank catch a bullet from Nazi Uncle Jack in “Ozymandias,” but there was a consolation prize waiting for Norris: a lead role in the CBS summer hit “Under the Dome.” As Norris prepares for his last day of shooting, he tells the crew, “Catch me on Channel 2, muthaf–kers!”

Cranston offers his onscreen in-law a warm sendoff: “You’re going on to CBS, where millions and millions more people will see through your inadequacies.”

9. Every cast member got a nice parting gift.

Since the doc shows us the filming of all eight final episodes, we get to see each actor’s last day on set. And each one of them received a sweet memento: a huge photo poster of themselves, signed by everyone on the crew. Cranston is there in person to say goodbye to Betsy Brandt (Marie), and points out his signature on her photo, along with his heartfelt inscription: “I would totally do her.”


10. It actually snows in Albuquerque!

Yeah, we didn’t believe it, either, until we saw the white stuff start falling just as Anna Gunn (Skyler) was shooting that grueling “Ozymandias” scene where Walt drives away with their baby. Gunn talks about how she had to keep Skyler’s very frantic emotions going while they waited for the snow to taper off.

Plus, those snowy cabin scenes in the penultimate episode, “Granite State”? Not actually filmed in New Hampshire, but instead in the snowy Sandia mountains surrounding Albuquerque. (We never would’ve guessed.)

Taylor Swift Ignores Harry Styles, One Direction at American Music Awards

Taylor Swift kept her eyes fixed in one direction during the American Music Awards on Sunday — and that was pointedly away from ex Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates! The 23-year-old pop-country phenomenon sexed up her red carpet look in a short, tight metallic gold strapless dress by Julian McDonald featuring a sheer cutout plus Jimmy Choo shoes, a Tods clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, wearing her blonde tresses in loose, feathery waves. And while the singer ascended to the podium four times (her trophies included Artist of the Year) and was boogying per usual in her seat, observers inside L.A.’s Nokia Theatre noticed that she took pains to ignore Styles, 19, and his four bandmates Niall Horan, Zayn MalikLiam Payne andLouis Tomlinson. Click here to see the cutest candids from the AMAs.

PHOTOS: What all the stars wore at the AMAs!

At one point, during a commercial break, the “State of Grace” singer (with a security escort) walked right in front of the British boy banders as she made her way to go backstage — staring straight ahead as she quickly made her way past the quintet. (She did, however, acknowledge and wave to the crowd otherwise.) Later in the night, returning to her seat and once again walking in front of the boys, Swift — whose seat was was on the other side of the theatre — similarly ignored Styles et al.


But the 1D boys did, however, join the crowd in giving Swift a standing ovation for her Best Female Country artist award.

PHOTOS: Taylor’s best surprised faces!

By all accounts, the superstar had a great night, and was spotted shimmying and singing along to Luke BryanJustin Timberlake and other performers during the evening.

It was this time last year that Swift and Styles, 19, were in the midst of their ill-fated romance. After about four months together, they called it quits in early January of this year. Covering last week’s issue of New York magazine, Swift told the mag that she heard from one unnamed ex upon whom most of her album Red was based. “He was like, ‘I just listened to the album, and that was a really bittersweet experience for me. It was like going through a photo album.’ That was nice,” said Swift of that former beau, presumed by many to be Jake Gyllenhaal. “Nicer than, like, the ranting, crazy e-mails I got from this one dude.”

PHOTOS: Taylor’s romantic history

Styles, meanwhile, denied over the weekend that he and Kendall Jenner — the pair grabbed dinner together in L.A. last week — are romantically involved. “We just went out to dinner so no,” Styles said of Kim Kardashian’s pretty half-sister, 18. “I guess. I don’t know.”

This article originally appeared on Taylor Swift Ignores Harry Styles, One Direction at American Music Awards

Want the best photos this holiday season? Ditch the cell phone camera first

Sorry to break the news, but in ten years all of your smartphone photos are going to look horrible. That’s fine for those #webrunchhard Instagrams, not so much for your honeymoon in Corsica.


Smartphone-cam apologists love this aphorism: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” Not true! That’s like saying the best deli meat is the month-old block of reconstituted ham at the corner deli. Convenient, yes; quality, no.

Face it: The best camera is a real camera. One that delivers posterity-worthy photos of big moments, no matter what. One that won’t tempt you with Candy Crush while your wife blows out her birthday cake candles.

Future-proof your memories—and take shots your iPhone can’t—with one of these three new cameras.

Olympus Tough TG-2

The Getaway Shooter

If you’ve taken a rugged camera on vacation, you came back with beautiful underwater photos—and bad ones on dry land. But the Olympus Tough TG-2 does a vacation right, shooting up to fifty feet deep, shaking off the finest black sand, and—unlike the rest of its ilk—taking genuinely good low-light snaps.

The Palm-Sized Professional

The Nikon Coolpix A is a hybrid, with a huge sensor crammed in a pocketable body. Sure, its non-zooming wide-angle lens means you have to think a little harder (and walk a little more) to nail the perfect shot. But you get larger-than-life, deeply detailed images that resemble stills from a Terrence Malick movie.


The Insta-Enabler

There’s lots to like about the Fujifilm X-M1, particularly its retro design and swappable lenses. (Trade the included one for a telephoto to take action shots of, say, your kid’s soccer game.) Why you’ll love the X-M1: It can wirelessly beam photos to a phone, so you still get your Instagram fix.