How to Protect Your Accounts From Getting Hacked?

The cyber world is surely not the safest place to be in. There  are many creepy creatures that haunt people there. Although, users having an existence in the cyber world, usually, do not recognize that creepiness and often fail to identify those creatures. They believe that they have the exemption that they will not be attacked or consider themselves invincible that they will be hurt by those attacks. Another perception of users is that they are not important enough for horror creatures like hackers to be attacked. And this is their complete misconception. Even social media accounts can lead you towards severe loss, in fact the loss of online identity. Thus, keep yourself secure by using app lock, so that no one can access your logged in accounts, on the other hand take the following measures to save your accounts from hackers.


People do not like to go an extra mile to secure their web accounts. Passwords are the first line defense of any kind of record or an account. And users seem to give no or negligible importance to it. Keeping simple and straight passwords that are the easiest to guess and remember are kept as the passcode. They tend to keep passwords like ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty’ and believes that it will keep burglars away. If they devote a serious thought to this issue, they end up keeping their birthday, name or their pet’s name as the password, which is again a vulnerable practice of setting up a password. A password should be a complex blend of upper and lower case letters along with numbers and special symbols. A password that is not available in a dictionary and an important event or date of your life, seems to be a fine password. Try to keep it as complex as possible and memorize it by linking it to something around you.

Make the most of security features that are offered by social media websites. Such as, Facebook asks the user to name a contact on which they can send their credentials if there is some kind of hack or breach. Similarly, Twitter asks you your mobile number so that they can send you their security code. These features are handy for security, do not treat them as a burden, but, use them to your benefit. Apart from that, keep your privacy firm on the social media accounts, do not make your profile public, just share your posts with your trusted contacts.

Do not keep your accounts logged in, not even in your smartphones. Logged in accounts are like blessing to online crooks. Consequently, log in to your account when you want to access it and logout when you are done with it. Another precious piece of advice that experts give to users is avoid logging in or operating any sort of online account through public WiFi. They are like platforms to these vicious hackers, they make a safe passage for themselves from those public WiFi and get hold of your personal accounts. All in all, practice of accessing web accounts from public WiFi is disastrous.

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Simple Measures To Ensure Data Security On Your Smartphone

It is hard to believe that people still do not give the due importance to the issue of smartphone security. As these devices become more and more essential to our life, the data stored on them are becoming even more delicate. I am pointing towards the personal information such as e-banking credentials, official and personal email accounts, contact details and similar other details. In this situation, we should give some serious attention towards this issue and look to ensure the security of data stored on smartphones. As smartphone users, we must beware of these threats and look to have some effective measures to neutralize it. Here are few of those practices that will make sure that your smartphone does not spit out your confidential data.

Install an antivirus program

Smartphones are very much prone to getting infected by viruses, thus, you need protection against it. Smartphone users have a false sense of security, they are not aware of the fact that smartphones can get infected by viruses as well. As a result, they leave it abandoned with no security measures whatsoever. To serve the purpose of security, you need to get an antivirus on your smartphone and use it to use neutralize this threat.  Update your malware program on a regular basis as new threats are being imposed by hackers and other criminal mind crooks that can lead you towards devastating data loss.


Ensure physical security

As per an ideal scenario, you should never let your beloved smartphone out of your sight. Make sure that your smartphone is always within your reach, whether in your hand, your pocket or your bag. Where ever you are keeping it, make sure that it is not easy for crooks to steal and no one gets his or her hands on your mobile phone. Moreover, stop showing off your phone, it can tempt people to have a go at your phone and it will not be a good thing for you.

Use an app lock

Applicatons on your smartphones reveal a lot of information about you. It tells your likeness and dislikeness, web accounts, e-banking accounts, social media accounts, personal photos and videos and many other sorts of data. To keep your privacy intact, you can use App Lock & Gallery Vault that locks your applications and protect your photos and videos with fast encryption. There are also some extra security features that beef up your security. The combination of these characteristics makes this application, an ultimate data security app for your Android phone.

Be wise while using the internet and downloading apps

You should not get too greedy when you see a free WiFi connection, do not just get connected to it and start socializing and accessing sensitive information. It can be a platform set for hackers and your data can get on stake. Moreover, you should be very careful while downloading applications. There are hundreds and thousands of malicious apps available on the web. Just download applications from the official app stores and avoid downloading any apps from other stores.

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Four Simple Steps to Secure Your Data on Smartphone

Smartphones have kind of become an extended part of our body. We hardly ever leave our smartphones abandoned somewhere. As it has become a part of our body, it now knows a lot about us. We like to save all of our information on our smartphone and roam around with it. There is not a shadow of doubt that our intelligent phones depict a lot of confidential information about us. It reflects our personality, our liking disliking and other similar information. A gadget revealing you much information is not a good thing, there is always a risk of identity theft, which can be quite damaging for you. So, here are some of the guidelines that can ensure your smartphone’s security.

Always lock your smartphone

Locking your smartphone is a basic and essential step for your security. There are people, who are extremely lazy that they find it tough to enter passcode to unlock their smartphone every time they want to use it. There is no doubt that you use for about hundreds of times during a day. But, entering your security credential only requires probably a couple of fractions of a second. Thus, do not ignore its significance and even if you do not like to enter your password again and again, still, lock your phone for your security.

Lock apps

If you use smartphone, you are likely to be obsessed with using different sort of applications. There can be different types of applications on your smartphone, they can be apps for fun, apps for baking, apps for socializing and other kinds of apps. You need to keep your applications private from others. Especially, the ones that are used for financial transactions, such as; e-banking applications and social media apps. To avoid these kind of threats, you need to use a reliable app lock that can help your cause. Once you have locked all your applications, your security is likely to remain intact.


Download apps only from reliable sources

There are millions of applications available on the web and if you are an Android user, you will find hundreds of online app stores. But, it is never safe to download applications from any other app stores other than the official ones. For instance, Android users should look to download applications only from Google Play. Other app stores have a large number of malware and phishing apps that can breach your security within a small period of time. You cannot trust any other app store other than Google Play. Even on Google Play, there are malicious apps available.

Update your operating system

You need to update your operating system on a regular basis. You know very well that there has not been a perfect OS introduced yet. Every update of operating system brings some improvement in the functionality and security measures. Consequently, you just cannot drag the older versions of OS and expect that your information will not be compromised. Update your operating system whenever an update is available. These steps will surely help protect your privacy.

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Types of Smartphone Users and Their Characteristics

There are actually some typical types of smartphone users. You can be one of those that do not know much about your beloved smartphone and you are using it just for the sake of making calls and sending text messages. There are also some people that make use of their smartphones just to a very limited extent. On the other hand, some users love digging out new features in their smartphone.  Another bunch of people are of those, who are obsessed with their smartphones and always love using it for their daily stuff. Moreover, some users are pros, they want the latest gadget in their hand and they know everything about their phone. Here are the types of smartphone users in detail.

The unaware users

Unaware users, are those that use their phone just for the sake of making calls and sending text messages. You probably have switched to the modern type of phone because of some kind of pressure from your boss or even from your kids. Your boss might have pushed you to opt for smartphone to perform various tasks on them. On the other hand, kids also sometimes force their parents to have a go at the latest technology for a number of reasons. As these kind of users are not tech savvy at all, they can easily be targeted by hackers through simple techniques, such as phishing.

The minimalist users

You might be falling in this category if you use the basic apps on your smartphones like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and others. These kind of users are also not much tech savvy, although they know the use of smartphones. They usually do not dump their old smartphone for the new model available on the market. They like to keep things simple. This kind of users faces threat of losing their information as they do not set up any sort of password for their phone.

The enthusiast users

Enthusiast users are those that are fond of trying new applications on their phone, they do not possess much expertise in phones, but, they love discovering new functions. They socialize through mobiles, play games and perform other activities. This specie of users need to use an App Lock that can keep their activities and privacy protected from prying eyes.


The obsessive users

Obsessive users do not leave their phones abandoned, their smartphone is always in their hands. Even their smartphone becomes somewhat the extension of their hand. They use it in every possible work and make the most of its intelligence. These kind of users must take care of their privacy using an antivirus for their smartphone.

The pro users

A pro user is crazy behind this gadget, he/she just loves it. The pro users know every bit about their smartphone, they are expert in its technicalities. These are the users that dump their current phone immediately for the new one just because of the curiosity they have of using a new phone. These users set the trend in the market as they are the early adopters.  These kind users may face a number of different threats, probably the most number of threats.

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