Some Basic Techniques Used by Hackers to Steal Data

The digital thieves of this era try to hunt down innocent computer users with a variety of new and creative techniques. They use different sophisticated to encounter users that have no or almost negligible measures of data security. In order to keep your records safe from falling into the wrong hands, you need to use software that can Lock Files, which provide you significant protection against these devilish geniuses cyber criminals. It is always good to know your problem to the fullest to tackle it in a better way. Consequently, you need to know the basic and the most commonly used hacking techniques to stay safe.

Email Phishing Scams

Email phishing is probably the oldest, most used and the most successful means of hacking used by hackers.  In this technique, cyber criminals send out emails in bulk, targeting almost thousands of users every time. These emails seem to be genuinely sent by a bank, a restaurant or from a government official. There are links or files attached to these emails that are asked to be clicked. These links are infectious and can infect your computer or can lead you towards some sort of registration, where you are asked for your user credentials. If you provide your credentials there, then they will get all they want. To an estimate, if 100,000 people receive such emails, around 400 of them fall into their plot.


Buffer Overflow

This technique is often used by sophisticated hackers. Hackers get the hold of users’ data with the help of online forms. They get their way through to an online form and provide unwarranted data in a form field. Ordinary security measures are unable to tackle such acts of hackers when data in large amount is being entered from an unknown entry point.

Stealing Passwords

The ignorance of people towards setting up a strong password is a major issue. People tend to use the default username and passwords that are issued by the company. That makes the hackers choice extremely easy, fetching out default user credentials is a piece of cake for them. Moreover, even if people change their passwords, they set them up extremely simple. For instance, some of the most popular passwords used all around the world are ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’, ‘getmein’ and others. Other than that, hackers use sophisticated tools to track your passwords, they use some sort of keylogger and other instruments as well.

Free Passwords Download

It is extremely common these days. You cannot trust free software at all. Programs that are available without any significant price or usually buggy and injurious to your computer and especially for your personal information. These software usually infects your system, it can misbehave and can leak your personal records as well. Hackers are well aware of this fact and they use it for their benefit with effectiveness and efficiency.

These are some of the basic techniques used by hackers that can cause you severe damage. When you know what kind of threats you have to tackle, you can work on their remedies better.

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