Some Basic Techniques Used by Hackers to Steal Data

The digital thieves of this era try to hunt down innocent computer users with a variety of new and creative techniques. They use different sophisticated to encounter users that have no or almost negligible measures of data security. In order to keep your records safe from falling into the wrong hands, you need to use software that can Lock Files, which provide you significant protection against these devilish geniuses cyber criminals. It is always good to know your problem to the fullest to tackle it in a better way. Consequently, you need to know the basic and the most commonly used hacking techniques to stay safe.

Email Phishing Scams

Email phishing is probably the oldest, most used and the most successful means of hacking used by hackers.  In this technique, cyber criminals send out emails in bulk, targeting almost thousands of users every time. These emails seem to be genuinely sent by a bank, a restaurant or from a government official. There are links or files attached to these emails that are asked to be clicked. These links are infectious and can infect your computer or can lead you towards some sort of registration, where you are asked for your user credentials. If you provide your credentials there, then they will get all they want. To an estimate, if 100,000 people receive such emails, around 400 of them fall into their plot.


Buffer Overflow

This technique is often used by sophisticated hackers. Hackers get the hold of users’ data with the help of online forms. They get their way through to an online form and provide unwarranted data in a form field. Ordinary security measures are unable to tackle such acts of hackers when data in large amount is being entered from an unknown entry point.

Stealing Passwords

The ignorance of people towards setting up a strong password is a major issue. People tend to use the default username and passwords that are issued by the company. That makes the hackers choice extremely easy, fetching out default user credentials is a piece of cake for them. Moreover, even if people change their passwords, they set them up extremely simple. For instance, some of the most popular passwords used all around the world are ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’, ‘getmein’ and others. Other than that, hackers use sophisticated tools to track your passwords, they use some sort of keylogger and other instruments as well.

Free Passwords Download

It is extremely common these days. You cannot trust free software at all. Programs that are available without any significant price or usually buggy and injurious to your computer and especially for your personal information. These software usually infects your system, it can misbehave and can leak your personal records as well. Hackers are well aware of this fact and they use it for their benefit with effectiveness and efficiency.

These are some of the basic techniques used by hackers that can cause you severe damage. When you know what kind of threats you have to tackle, you can work on their remedies better.

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Your Smartphone is at the Target of a Burglar

Smartphones are one of the precious commodities that people carry around. With the increasing craze of using the latest and most equipped smartphone has benefited the street burglars as they have many opportunities to steal dear phones and cell them ahead. One needs to be extremely careful while roaming with his/her smartphone as his/her phone can be on the target of a pickpocket or some other crook wandering in the streets, public places on in public transport. You might be astonished to know the statistics of stolen phone of stolen smartphones last year.

The law enforcement agency could not do much to prevent smartphones thefts as in San Fransisco, the rate of smartphone theft has been increased by 23 percent. As per the reports, 2,400 smartphones were looted by the thieves in 2013. Moreover, in New York, 8,465 only Apple’s devices were stolen in the previous year that is mind boggling. The capital of the USA was not safe either, there was a 6 percent increase in the cell phone theft last year, whereas, Denver’s citizen observed that they are being the victim of smartphone theft 22 percent more than the previous year. The more interest is related with Philadelphia, where 500 were pinched from their users in just public transport, which is an increase of 44 percent in the span of just two years.


The hazard of losing smartphones to the thieves and crooks is not just in terms of losing a pricey device, it involves other risks as well in terms of data leakage. Smartphones are capable of storing and processing every kind of data and people make the most of it. Apart from that, even if someone has not stored something confidential in it, but, it must have contained some pictures, maybe of family, friends or someone special. Windows Phone has a great reputation for providing flawless camera result, you will surely not want any burglar to see those photos, to serve the purpose, make sure you protect them using Folder Lock for Windows Phone. Your smartphone may be on the target of a pickpocket, make sure you just lose the device, not your loved memories.

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Data Breach Incidents, What Causes it?

The incidents of data breach have recently become headlines on many occasions. These data breach cases were the outcomes of hacking activities, back door entries by data thieves, use of vulnerable applications and even data theft activities of spies. These were some of the ways that these unpleasant incidents occurred. According to the Verizon RISK team, no student, housewife or a business personal was safe. Every sort of information, no matter belonged to whom was and is at risk of getting leaked. Online data thieves or the ones that do it physically are looking for data that is not secured with security software like Folder Lock.


There can be a number of reasons of stealing data. The online criminals usually get their way into people’s database so that they can make some money through it by selling information or by performing fraudulent activities. The cyber crooks usually look for easy target that can benefit them without facing some big risks. However, some of the professional hackers look to get the sensitive information of some specific individuals and companies even though the information is secured respectably. They somehow find their way into their database and extract out the intended information.

Hacking is the most lethal of attacks that can compromise your information as it is responsible for 52 percent of the breaches. However, malware and physical skimming are not much behind as  it contributes 40 percent and 35 percent respectively. However, apart from the outside threats, businesses face a huge insider threat that can compromise their information. Employees are responsible for a huge amount of information leakage. That is why Verizon has advised computer users to not to treat every threat equally and take measures as per the danger it imposes. Securing your records against hacking attacks or malware will not give your data foolproof security as there is a huge risk of insider data theft that you cannot deny.

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Four Common Mistakes that Computer Users Commit

You might think that you are likely to be robbed off and will be attacked by thieves when you are asleep. But, are you sure that you are safe while you are awake and no thief is getting his hands on your precious assets? Well, if you think so, give it a thought again. Confused? Here is your answer, you use your computer and other computing devices when you are awake and in usually in your senses, but, you still commit mistakes. Those mistakes put your digital property in the danger of being stolen by the online criminals. You never realized that you have some precious information saved on your computer that might harm you if it gets leaked. Here are some of the mistakes that you commit almost all the time.

Using your computer without updating anti-malware program

Using antivirus program is one of the basic measures of securing your information. But, do not just keep an antivirus software on your computer, keep updating it on the regular basis so that it can fight against the latest evolved digital viruses engineered by cyber criminals. Just keeping an anti-malware program would not help your cause of securing your information.

Having no firewall protection

Most of the people think that if they are using some antivirus program, there is no need to opt for firewall protection. However, antivirus and firewall are both two totally different sorts of protection. Where the antivirus act as a sniper, a firewall acts as a fence. Many of the crooks do not look to the cross the fans, however, some does. That is where sniper comes into play. The combination of firewall and antivirus gives your information some reasonable security.

Not using any software to lock folders

Using security software that can Lock Folders must be used as it compliments amazingly with the duo of antivirus and firewall. Where hundreds and thousands of crooks are coming to attack you, some of them will be stopped by the fence, many will be shot by the sniper and when some of the remaining will try to reach your database, they would find a huge unbreakable vault that is almost impossible to open. That is how antivirus, firewall and security software complement each other and helps giving the best possible data security.


Using email services carelessly

You might think that using email services carelessly means sending emails to strange recipients. But, it is just a small part of it. The real meaning of using email services carefully means that you should not open all the attachments or links that are attached to the emails from unknown email addresses. These links or documents attached can be infectious and can infect your computer that will become vulnerable regarding data security. These malicious files and links give free access to the online crooks that send those.

These are some of the most common mistakes that you commit daily and you do not even realize that what big blunders you are doing. Now, you know what mistakes you intentionally and intentionally, so make sure that you do not repeat these acts that will harm you.

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Some of the Must Have Android Apps from Different Categories

I personally love using and exploring new applications of different platforms. When testing, I focus on different aspects of the applications that include its utility, usability and user interface. Here, I have tested a number of free apps of Android of different categories that include business, entertainment, tools, photography and medical and selected the best one from each category.


In the category of Business, File Manager (Explorer) is the app that I figured out as the best one in its class. The biggest positive of that is that it is offered in 28 different languages with spot on translation. It offers more than 80 different file types, toolbar and menu items. It compresses and decompresses files and has a search feature that enables the users to find their desired files easily. File Manager also has a built in documents and photo editor that is extremely handy. Above all, it supports the cloud storage whether it is Dropbox, Box, Google drive or any other cloud storage. To me, it is a must have app for business persons.



At the time of such rush, one hardly gets time for entertainment. Smartphone is the best source of entertainment today that can entertain you on the go. iFunny is such an app that can put cramps in your stomach by making you laugh so hard. The app provides you the best of funny pictures, GIFs and videos that you will on social media after ages. iFunny allows you to share all the fun with your social media friends. It is not all; this amazing app allows you to make your own funny pictures, GIFs and videos with no complexity at all. All in all, the app is a great source of fun.


Under the category of tools, the most magnificent app that I found is a data security app called Folder Lock. I have not seen any app with such comprehensive features. Usually, the security apps contain a couple of features, such as; they offer the locking and hiding of pictures or videos or something similar. But, Folder Lock allows the users to lock and hide their pictures, videos, documents, cards, contacts and anything you wish to hide. It has its video player, music player and photo viewer that allows you to view your media files in a secured environment. Even, the app offers you a feature of secure browser whose history remains secret and can only be seen within the app. PC/Mac feature of the app allows you to connect your Android device with PC or Mac with the help of just a WiFi connection and no cable is required. There are so many other features as well that you will find when you will use this miraculous app.


People are suffering from health issues these days and they do not have much of a time to discover which doctor has his/her OPD at what time. Well, if your case is similar to it, do not worry; I have a simple solution for you. I have discovered an app known as ZocDoc. All you have to do is to enter the zip code and insurance and you will be given a list of doctors and their time of availability. You can book an appointment without paying a single penny on your Android phone. The app is helpful for the residence of a number of states of America. This app is extremely useful for those that find difficulty in managing time for getting appointment with doctors. If you are one of them, just go and get it.


There will be hardly a person that uses smartphone and he has never used it for photography purpose. Since, people are becoming obsessed more and more regarding their pictures on social media, for the purpose, there are many photography apps available on the store that helps making photos better. Well, I have explored the best photography app that is Photo Editor by Aviary. It offers everything that is needed to beautify your pictures. The app allows its users to add frames and effects, manage color themes, crop and rotate, make the pictures blur or sharp and other similar features. Moreover, the app has a feature that enables the users to make customized meme that is trending on social media these days. People that are fond of photography and has an Android phone, they should give it a try.

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The Miserable Situation of Data Security

There have been a number of information breach attacks throughout the years that became the headlines of the news story. But, there were about twice or thrice data breach incidents that just gone unnoticed. It means that there are many people that never get aware of the fact there information have been compromised.  A former federal prosecutor and founder of the online security company, Hemanshu Nigam said about this situation “What you are seeing is hackers gone wild”. He further said that if we do not stand up against this spreading disease, it may become incurable in the future. When a person’s information is compromised and he is aware of it, he just cannot do anything about except sitting and watching his accounts helplessly.

According to the reports of Privacy Rights Clearninghouse, more than 534 million social security numbers and financial account information has been leaked since 2005. In the previous year alone, there were more than 274 breach incident took place that affected 22 million personal records. Most of the leaked data contained email addresses. Seeing these statistics, there would hardly anybody whose information has been leaked.  The majority of data thefts is being performed for the sake of money, they try to extract out information about credit cards, bank account numbers or records that they can use to perform fraudulent acts.


This is such a vulnerable situation and nobody’s records are safe. Securing yourself from any horrifying situation is your core responsibility, using Folder Lock for the purpose would be a wise decision. Other than that, to keep yourself secure online, you have to maintain different usernames and passwords for each of the accounts you have. Setting up a strong password is another inevitable aspect of keeping your data secure. The leniency in setting up password is quite common and can be very brutal. The most common password that people set around the world is “123456” that shows the ignorance of the importance of data security.

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Friendship is Much More than You Probably Think

obesity and deprivation. The reason they have given for all these problems is Friendship. Researchers claim that the ignorance of the importance of friendship is making our lives miserable. Friendship is a relationship that cannot be imitated and established artificially. Usually, the importance of friendship is understood in the difficult times. According to the mighty philosopher Aristotle

“In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.”

The Gallup Organization’s director Tom Rath conducted a detailed research on friendship; the results that he got were really astonishing. The research revealed that if your best friend is diet conscious and usually intake healthy food, there are 5 percent more chances that you also eat healthy meals. The study suggested that married people have a firm believe that friendship has a bigger role in the success of a marriage than of the physical intimacy. Even the success of your professional career relies heavily on friendship; about 8 or 9 people out of 100 will take interest in their jobs if they do not have friends in their working place. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have your best friend employed alongside you, you are 7 times more likely to take interest in the work.

This study was welcomed by the companies and the culture of many organizations turned into a friendly one from a strict one. There is no barometer to measure the strength or purity of the friendship. People seem to measure the strength of friendship on a scale of how much beneficial this friendship is proving to them. However, this is an extremely wrong way to judge the strength of this relationship. According to Aristotle, it is better to give as much as possible to your friend than to receive. The real friends like each other for who they are rather than how they look or how they act. According to him, the real happiness lies in living the good life than to be materialistic and trying to find happiness in money and other mortal things. In good life, he included a strong character, personal values, honesty and passion.


Some other personalities also supported the words of Aristotle; one of them is philosopher Epirculus, he says “The noble man is most involved with wisdom and friendship”. The famous poet Oscar Wilde described the characteristic of a pure friendship beautifully by saying that it is easy to be supportive to a friend that is struggling, but, celebrate the friend’s success requires real character. Your friends’ circle defines who you really are, your best friend is like a mirror to you in which you can see yourself and evaluate. That is how important the friendship is. But, it can easily be broken if a secret gets leaked, nowadays, many secrets are kept digitally that are under a huge threat all the time. If you have some secret of your friend that is saved digitally, protect them with Folder Lock, or you can end up losing your most precious friend.

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