Secrets for becoming a Good Manager


Being a manager in some firm or industry is not a small thing to achieve. Manager means that you have to manage a bunch of people of different nature religions and cultures. For that, you need to know what to do and what not to do. You have to create a balance in being a boss and being friendly. No employee likes a strict heartless boss who just needs the work completed from his/her juniors and nothing else. A much friendly manages cannot be successful because employees will not take them seriously. A manager has to find a balance of the two, where to show anger, where to show sympathy and where and similar things.

A successful manager needs to have the following qualities:

Lead by example

If you need to staff to be efficient, you need to be efficient yourself. It is unfair to expect something from your juniors to do something which you do not do yourself. For being a successful manager, show them how to do a particular work and then ask them to do.

Appreciate the good work

There are some managers who just never appreciate anything, may be because of the thinking that appreciation spoils the employees. Well, this thinking is totally stupid. An employee getting appreciation for his/her work motivates him/her to work even better. Rewards and words of encouragement are very essential to boost performance.

Be loyal to your company

Loyalty to the company is one of the necessary characteristic of being a good manager. The evidence of being loyal to the company is to think of company’s progression and to not leak company’s secrets. However, it is not necessary that the secrets are leaked intentionally. There can be some kind of incident regarding data theft. To tackle this you being a manager should use security software that can protect folders.

Understand people

A common thinking among employees is that boss is specie other than the human because he/she does not understand the human emotions and different worries. A good manager should understand his/her staff’s reason behind the incompletion of some assigned task. If a manager is cooperative, the employees will also cooperate with him/her.

Have self confidence

A manager’s job is about decision making and persuading the boss as well people working under him/her. You have to have self confidence so that you can make big decisions and can take some big steps for the betterment of the business.

Have a friendly environment

When you are promoted to the post of manager, do not hesitate to smile. Keeping a mild smile on your face will encourage the people working under you to ask queries from you, discuss their issues and putting new ideas on your desks. If you will be a typical strict manager, your juniors will hesitate to have interaction with you.

A manager’s job is a delicate job; there are not many managers who keep their juniors happy. If the employees of a company just work for the sake of money and to avoid the shouting of their boss, there are fair chances that the organization will not prosper. So keep the employees happy to see better results for the business.

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Keeping the Secrets, Secret from the World


Technology without a doubt has made things easier for us. However, that being said, it has also complicated things. Take for example the social media; people are constantly updating their status, expressing their feelings for their significant other, letting the rest of the world read how they feel about a particular person. There’s no doubt that love is a beautiful thing, and most folks would agree with this fact. You have to be quite lucky to find the right person with whom you can share feelings and express your love. Furthermore, many young lovers tend to foolishly take racy images of them engaging in various acts – acts that they wouldn’t want others to see – especially if the couple is of the same-sex. Recording intimate photographs is fine, as long as one is careful in keeping them a secret from others, however, despite most efforts, such data almost always leak out; consequently, resulting in embarrassment and humiliation.

One such disadvantage of technology is digital photographs/images, which can be shared on the internet with others. With the advent of digital technology, one no longer has to invest in a camera, film, or pay for those images to be developed. One can simply take a high-resolution picture with their Smartphones, save them on their PCs, or perhaps upload them on social media websites. On the other hand, many same-sex couples don’t have that luxury – or perhaps have the liberty to upload such Risqué metaphors on social media websites– doing so, they risk embarrassment and they risk becoming the laughing stock of their friends and peers. Furthermore, most homosexuals don’t want to disappoint family members. Therefore, hiding images of such nature on their PC’s becomes a challenge for most gay people. Things get really risky if a couple has several images of such nature, and thus, it becomes more of a challenge to hide them unless you use security software like Folder Protect to lock and hide your private images.

One strategy that works well is archiving such images onto an external hard-drive. One can simply invest in an external hard-drive, cut and transfer all images of such character onto an external hard drive and store it away – where no family member can find it. Sadly, that’s not the case, often times, sooner or later, your hidden skeletons will be found, be it your wife who discovers it, or perhaps your girlfriend. Sooner or later, your real sexual orientation will be discovered. The other threat that these small data storing device impose to the data is that these devices are very much prone to getting lost or stolen. IT experts rate USB flash drives as one of the major sources of losing data. Keeping data in portable drives, those drives can be found by some family members as they are very easy to put somewhere and forget, moreover, can leak the data in front of strangers.

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