Some Basic Techniques Used by Hackers to Steal Data

The digital thieves of this era try to hunt down innocent computer users with a variety of new and creative techniques. They use different sophisticated to encounter users that have no or almost negligible measures of data security. In order to keep your records safe from falling into the wrong hands, you need to use software that can Lock Files, which provide you significant protection against these devilish geniuses cyber criminals. It is always good to know your problem to the fullest to tackle it in a better way. Consequently, you need to know the basic and the most commonly used hacking techniques to stay safe.

Email Phishing Scams

Email phishing is probably the oldest, most used and the most successful means of hacking used by hackers.  In this technique, cyber criminals send out emails in bulk, targeting almost thousands of users every time. These emails seem to be genuinely sent by a bank, a restaurant or from a government official. There are links or files attached to these emails that are asked to be clicked. These links are infectious and can infect your computer or can lead you towards some sort of registration, where you are asked for your user credentials. If you provide your credentials there, then they will get all they want. To an estimate, if 100,000 people receive such emails, around 400 of them fall into their plot.


Buffer Overflow

This technique is often used by sophisticated hackers. Hackers get the hold of users’ data with the help of online forms. They get their way through to an online form and provide unwarranted data in a form field. Ordinary security measures are unable to tackle such acts of hackers when data in large amount is being entered from an unknown entry point.

Stealing Passwords

The ignorance of people towards setting up a strong password is a major issue. People tend to use the default username and passwords that are issued by the company. That makes the hackers choice extremely easy, fetching out default user credentials is a piece of cake for them. Moreover, even if people change their passwords, they set them up extremely simple. For instance, some of the most popular passwords used all around the world are ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’, ‘getmein’ and others. Other than that, hackers use sophisticated tools to track your passwords, they use some sort of keylogger and other instruments as well.

Free Passwords Download

It is extremely common these days. You cannot trust free software at all. Programs that are available without any significant price or usually buggy and injurious to your computer and especially for your personal information. These software usually infects your system, it can misbehave and can leak your personal records as well. Hackers are well aware of this fact and they use it for their benefit with effectiveness and efficiency.

These are some of the basic techniques used by hackers that can cause you severe damage. When you know what kind of threats you have to tackle, you can work on their remedies better.

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Some Small Acts that can Keep Your Family Happy

Having a lot of money, luxuries and expanding the business are not the things that actually give happiness. Neither taking your family for an expansive shopping every week will cheer you up. People wrongly take these things as happiness. However, the reality is different altogether. So, what is the secret of a happy family? What you need to do to keep yourself and your family cherish? Well, here are some of the secrets that not glittery yet effective.

Treat each other well with respect

The true essence of family happiness lies in the way you treat your family members. Being a parent, you need to treat your children with love and affection. Respect your children as well, do not humiliate them even if your kid commits a commit a mistake. Be an example for him/her. Being a son or daughter, respect your parents, treat them with care, never talk to them in loud volume no matter what. Develop the habit of forgiving your siblings and giving small sacrifices, these small things matter and plays a vital role in binding a family together.

Share stories with your family

When you share the small incidents that occur every day with your family, there will be much to talk and communication is always healthy for a relationship. There is hardly a thing or two of common interest between your old parents or your young children. When you share your daily routine stories with them, there will be a sense of importance evolve in your children and parents. Your kids will learn much about the trends and tradition of this world that will help in their brought up. If you come home and just switch on the television, why would your parents or children be excited to see you home. Give them time, talk to them.


Eat together

There is a common saying “Family that eats together, stays together”. This saying is actually a fact. A family establishes a strong bond that breaks bread together. According to experts, minimum of four dinners per week will be good enough to keep the family together.

Keeping family secure

The basic responsibility to protect the family is the responsibility of the father or the brother. Teach your children the security measures that would keep them away from every sort of trouble. Tell them the steps that they have to take if they fall in some difficulty. Other than that, keep them secure in the digital world by using Security Software. The online world is full of threats and quite nightmarish. You need to keep your children safe their, otherwise, they will suffer throughout their life.

Have fun with the family

A boring family is usually not a happy one. You need to make sure that your family have fun and does not get bored. Arrange family picnics, go for outing in every month or two at least. Do activities with your parents that they enjoy. Read to your children bedtime stories and other children’s novel like things that can give them joy. Play with your kids games like soccer, baseball, basketball that will keep you and them physically fit and will be a lot of fun.

These are some of the secrets to keep your family happy. Remember, a happy family will give you joy, a peace of mind, self satisfaction and also a good health. Take care of your family, they are really precious. Spend time with them, because, the time you spend with them is just priceless.

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Some Potential Risks to Your Data’s Security

Almost on the daily basis, we all enter our credentials on different websites for the sake of verification. But, about a decade before, the situation was quite different altogether. We used to think a million times before giving our contact information, credit card details and similar things. The reason was that we did not trust the credibility of the internet and we had a perception that this digital world is not safe enough. So, the scenario has changed? Has the digital world become safer than before? I really do not think so. What I think is that we might have become much ignorant of our security; we have been so busy in our other works that we are unable to give all these things the required thought.


The progress in the technology is easing the accessibility of data and making it more portable, but, it is also imposing some huge threats. Such as the relatively new entry in the computing that is the Cloud Computing is proving to be a blessing for those computer users that want to access their data remotely. But, on the other hand, it has made the problem regarding data security even more vulnerable. In a study done by 210 data security experts of 26 different countries, they figured out eight of the biggest problems concerning the cloud computing. They gave those vulnerabilities of the cloud computing as “The Evil 8”. The Evil 8 are:

  • Data loss from lost and stolen devices
  •  Information-stealing through mobile malware
  • Data loss through poorly written third-party applications
  • Weaknesses within devices, OS, design, and third-party designed applications
  • Unsecured hotspot connections plays a big role in data leakage
  • Unsecured marketplaces
  • Insufficient administration gears, capabilities, and access to APIs (includes personas)
  • NFC and proximity-based hacking


Keeping all this in mind, the businesses and all the individuals that have sensitive data saved in their database should use software that can Lock Files. But, cloud computing is not the only big issue regarding information security. The small data storing devices such as USB flash drive is also a huge threat regarding the protection of records. The principle of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a common principle and is being used widely in the business world these days. Where it boosts the productivity of the workers, it also puts our data at risk.


Nearly, 86 percent of the businesses allow the employees to bring their own device to work, the familiarity with the device help the employees to perform better. About 64 percent of the organizations do not restrict their employees from keeping any sort of program in their respective devices. Not more than 35 percent of the companies have any sort of Mobile Device Management plan to keep the principle of BYOD to operate securely.

Technology can either be a blessing to you or a curse; it all depends on the way you deal with it. It is your core responsibility to keep your online security intact. The incidents of data breach and scams are far more brutal than what you actually think of them.

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How to hide my secret folder from my wife?

Why men behave differently?

Men have needs; these needs cannot be suppressed as most women would like to believe.  Male hormones make men behave differently from women. Therefore, men cannot help themselves but stare at other women – regardless of their marital status.

Men do what comes naturally

Although, it’s unethical for married men to look at other women, it’s a perfectly natural behavior. In nature, males compete to mate with as many females as they possibly can. Thus, for man to simply stare at other women or even cheat on his mate is perfectly natural. By having sex with more women, he is fulfilling his natural instincts to further his birthright – though his wife would look at this in a different light altogether.

Bad effects of disloyalty

On the other end, a man also has to look at how his cheating would affect his marriage.  Therefore, most men keep their unfaithfulness a secret from their wives. However, stuff such as photos, videos and text messages can reveal their secret activities – resulting in divorces or breakups.

Difference between foolish men and smart men

 Most men avoid taking images and videos with their love affair – leaving nothing to chance. However, others are not too smart, and don’t think twice about taking naughty pictures with their lover using their phones. In addition, they carelessly send out text messages without encrypting them – increasing their chances of getting caught.   

How to avoid getting caught?

Taking naughty pictures with one’s secret love affair is not a bad thing, though getting caught doing it certainly is. So how does one not get caught by their wives? Well, it’s simple. All one has to do, is password protect files and folders. To get started, follow these instructions:


  1. Create a separate file with all images and videos you have taken with your love affair.
  2. Give the folder an unusual name, such win64xp or something of that nature (your wife certainly won’t bother looking inside this folder.)
  3. Save the file in an unusual location – somewhere your wife may not care to look – perhaps somewhere deep inside your document folder.
  4. Leave nothing to chance: make sure she never discovers this folder, to do this, hide, lock and password-protect your secret folder using software which acts as virtual File Lock. This will make sure that your folder cannot be discovered by anyone.

What is a file lock?

File lock is software which acts as a virtual safe for your PC; it is designed to protect all your private and confidential data.

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Interesting Statistics Regarding Social Media

Social Media is not fading way by the time, but, it is getting more essential in everyday life day by day. The world of social media is changing at a rapid pace, here are some facts regarding social media that might surprise you.

Almost 190 million users use Facebook from mobiles only

The statistics might have surprised you as you never have thought that such a huge number of users access Facebook from their mobile phones. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the ad revenue that Facebook earns is also with the courtesy of users that has increased quite a bit in the span of just one year. So, consider how your content will appear on the mobile devices next time you upload something.

The Growth of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network that is expanding by leaps and bounds. To an estimate, almost a person joins the network on every 2 seconds. Well, calculating the number of people joining LinkedIn in a day is a complex calculation. It is a great place where you can make some contacts with professionals in your field and it can help you in having a successful professional run. Although, the active users’ percentage on the network is low as compared to the other giants like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, but, it is still very effective for professionals.

People between ages 55 to 64 are heading towards Twitter the most

Now, you have always thought that the social media is popular among the youth and aged people are not much fond of it. Well, get ready to get blown away with this amazing fact. The percentage of joining Twitter that is aged 55 to 64 has been increased by 79 percent. Facebook and Google+ are also not left much behind; people that are heading most towards these social networks are aged between 45 years to 54 years.


Social Media has taken the position of the No. 1 activity on the web

Social media has overtaken as the most performed activity on the web. Before social media, the position was held by R-rated websites for a long period of time. Now, when you will be spending your time on a social media, you will think that the majority of the people on the web are using social media. Well, this achievement of social media is appreciable and has a relatively positive effect on the people.

Almost 25% of the Facebook users do not set Privacy Setting

It is astonishing that almost 25 percent of all the users are least concerned about their privacy setting. Social media is a big source of identity theft as thugs extract out the pictures, videos and other things out of the social networking sites of people that are eventually used in stealing identities.

There is always some news regarding data theft through the social networking websites. You have to use data security software that can Lock Files, so that if a hacker finds his way to your database through malicious links, your information is secured with reliable software. Social websites are a great source of information and fun, but, it can be lethal if it is misused by the users.


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Small Businesses are the Easiest Target!

A large number of small and mid scale business firms are unable to protect their and their clients’ data. The reason for this can be lack of dedication, unavailability of sufficient resources or absence of related knowledge. What might be the reason is, small businesses are most likely to face the threat of data breach. Just a click on Google search reveals shows a large number of incidents that these small companies face. A recent report of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) showed that the members of this federation face a data breach of $1 billion every year. The FSB found out that almost 41 percent of the members have faced data leakage during the previous year.


The average cost per business of these data breaches is almost up to $5 per business. FSB further revealed that the most common threat faced by these small businesses is viruses, which have been faced by more than 20 percent of the members. The next two biggest threats are hacking and security breach having the statistics of 8 percent and 5 percent respectively.

The most common source of data breach is due to the new trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This trend tends to bring a boom in employees’ security as they are free to work on the device they are comfortable with. However, the majority of the employees do not maintain the security of these devices as per the necessity. Except the threat of malware viruses through these devices, it’s principle has made data stealing easy as they are free to bring their own device which they carry back to their home. Employees can copy the confidential data with malafide intentions of leaking it.

Employees are not aware or educated regarding the data security; companies need to educate their employees in terms of security. It is interesting to know that the majority of the companies does not use security software, and the minority who uses security software does not really know much about its functionality. Small organizations can use easy and cheap security but capable security software that can Lock Files. The employees of the company think that once they have installed the security software; their data is now safe as a house. They do not know to set a strong password that will keep prying eyes away from their data. Hackers are expert in guessing the passwords. A password should not be a proper word which can be used in a sentence. The password should be a complex combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, combined with symbols and numbers. A strong password means a strong security.

Keeping security software in the system does not provide you security. Software should be updated and tested regularly; cyber criminals work hard to keep themselves updated with the security measures and constantly work to break them. According to a network specialist, development of malware software has become an underground industry now. This statement from a specialist is alarming, the statement means that these hackers are working together to find the loopholes in security measures and develop software accordingly.

Hackers have diverted their concentration on small businesses as they are an easy prey to hunt. Lack of security measures from small organizations gives easy passage to the e-crooks to accomplish their purpose.

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Secrets for becoming a Good Manager


Being a manager in some firm or industry is not a small thing to achieve. Manager means that you have to manage a bunch of people of different nature religions and cultures. For that, you need to know what to do and what not to do. You have to create a balance in being a boss and being friendly. No employee likes a strict heartless boss who just needs the work completed from his/her juniors and nothing else. A much friendly manages cannot be successful because employees will not take them seriously. A manager has to find a balance of the two, where to show anger, where to show sympathy and where and similar things.

A successful manager needs to have the following qualities:

Lead by example

If you need to staff to be efficient, you need to be efficient yourself. It is unfair to expect something from your juniors to do something which you do not do yourself. For being a successful manager, show them how to do a particular work and then ask them to do.

Appreciate the good work

There are some managers who just never appreciate anything, may be because of the thinking that appreciation spoils the employees. Well, this thinking is totally stupid. An employee getting appreciation for his/her work motivates him/her to work even better. Rewards and words of encouragement are very essential to boost performance.

Be loyal to your company

Loyalty to the company is one of the necessary characteristic of being a good manager. The evidence of being loyal to the company is to think of company’s progression and to not leak company’s secrets. However, it is not necessary that the secrets are leaked intentionally. There can be some kind of incident regarding data theft. To tackle this you being a manager should use security software that can protect folders.

Understand people

A common thinking among employees is that boss is specie other than the human because he/she does not understand the human emotions and different worries. A good manager should understand his/her staff’s reason behind the incompletion of some assigned task. If a manager is cooperative, the employees will also cooperate with him/her.

Have self confidence

A manager’s job is about decision making and persuading the boss as well people working under him/her. You have to have self confidence so that you can make big decisions and can take some big steps for the betterment of the business.

Have a friendly environment

When you are promoted to the post of manager, do not hesitate to smile. Keeping a mild smile on your face will encourage the people working under you to ask queries from you, discuss their issues and putting new ideas on your desks. If you will be a typical strict manager, your juniors will hesitate to have interaction with you.

A manager’s job is a delicate job; there are not many managers who keep their juniors happy. If the employees of a company just work for the sake of money and to avoid the shouting of their boss, there are fair chances that the organization will not prosper. So keep the employees happy to see better results for the business.

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