The Unrealized Importance Of Passwords

With technology progressing by leaps and bounds, the importance of passwords is also increasing. However, users do not really realize the significance of passwords and often ignore their role in having reliable security. Data security experts always put heavy emphasis on the importance of passwords, but, users turn a deaf year to these guidelines. There is a small percentage of people that keep their personal and confidential files protected. Other ones that even to safeguard their personal files and folders, tend to keep a generic and simple password. People usually get bamboozled when they try to set up a strong password for their secret data. They do not understand that how they can actually create a strong password. File & Password Vault facilitates users to generate strong passwords with their built-in password generator.


Well, a strong password is complex, it cannot be easily guessed by anyone. A password that you can find in a dictionary is never a preferred one. Which means, you cannot set up a word as your passcode, you will somehow have to modify or do something to get it tough, complex and hard to guess. A password like ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty’ cannot be found in a dictionary, but, still are extremely vulnerable passwords. Moreover, if you think you are smart to use your name, your fiancé or husband’s name, your sibling’s or child’s name, your date of birth or anniversary date as your login credential, then you should know that it is not at all smart. All these passwords are obvious and are extremely easy to guess. Moreover hackers are immensely efficient in the guessing game, plus, they have sophisticated tools for extracting passwords as well.

Well, here is a guide about how can you set up a strong password. A strong passcode is a complex combination lowercase and uppercase letters. The combination must have some numeric digits i.e. from 1 to 10 and to make it further mind boggling, put some special symbols in it, such as !, @, # and etc. This blend of characters will have no particular trend or series that a crook follow and reach to your password. A strong password is the one that is easy to remember. The password can be driven from some kind of your life event or something else that is close to your heart. A strong password is essential for tight data security, to be honest, it is the first step towards information protection.

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