The future of Cyber security

In the old ages, there was no electricity, and certainly there were no computers. People had a lot of time on their hands, and in certain areas, people killed each other over petty issues – all in all, it was lawless. Respectively, Imagine walking down the street during the medieval ages, you just purchased some fruits and veggies, not knowing what would happen next, someone comes behind you, and stabs you in the back and then takes all your groceries and runs off with it. This is just an example of the chaos people had to live within those ages. In the medieval times, life was simple, rich people just lounged around and enjoyed themselves with simple fun, while the poor labored all day to make ends meet. Back then, if you got caught for practicing the “wrong religion”, you could certainly have your head cut-off as a means of execution.  In a nutshell, life was brutal back then, and we are lucky to have such great living conditions and rights in our modern day society.

Today, our lives are more convenient than ever before. We drive cars instead of riding horses, making most long journeys a matter of hours not days. We can travel to far distant countries in aircrafts covering thousands of miles within few hours.  Best of all (at least for geeks) we have the internet which has removed the barriers of global communications, redefined entertainment and ultimately replaced snail-mail. The internet is a world of its own; it is perhaps arguably man’s biggest achievement to date. However, when things become too large, they become too much to handle. The same can be thought of the internet, despite its technological sophistication, it’s a mess. The internet’s biggest drawback is it’s generally insecure. Hackers can have their way, and hack into servers, stealing information, leaking government data and stealing people’s identity.


Despite several attempts to pass cyber-security laws, the internet is no less of a safer place. This is because it’s global, and every country has their own jurisdiction for enforcing laws.  Cyber-laws in one country may not apply in a different country. Thus, a hacker in one country can steal the identity of a victim in another country and easily get away with it. So, what is the solution to staying secure on the internet? Well, since the actual internet infrastructure is insecure, it is up to the individual PC owner to secure his connection from his or her end. Using VPN and antivirus software, users can stay secure from hackers at their own expense. On the other hand, if the PC or laptop is stolen, your antivirus software can’t stop the criminal from physically accessing your PC and stealing the data. Thus, user need to be vigilant and Password Protect Folders or files which contains sensitive information, which, if compromised, can be result in devastation consequences for victims. Such data security software actually locks and hides important data so well, that it becomes impossible for criminals to crack it.

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Some Interesting Facts Regarding Data Breach Notification

Data security is such a complex issue, securing the information is a big issue, whereas, notifying about the data breach is also a point of worry. Almost every state in the USA has different rules and laws regarding the notifications. An incident of information breach can really harm your business a lot. As the leakage of personal information can push the company to face a number of lawsuits from the customers, stakeholders and penalties can also be imposed by the government. That is why it is necessary to Password Protect Folders, so that no such incident can occur and businesses would stay safe from such hazardous losses.

Here are some of the interesting facts regarding the notification plan of different companies and laws of data breach in different states.

One response plan would not help every business

Some organizations think that they can adopt the response plan from another organization and they will be ready to face the music. However, it is just their misconception. Organizations of the same nature, situated in different states simply need to prepare their own plan as rules and laws regarding data leakage vary from state to state. Companies need to develop a response plan that can satisfy the law of the state as well as give relief to their stakeholders.


The definition of “Personal Information” may also differ from state to state

There are a variety of things that can be considered as personal information. It can include first and last name, email accounts, social security number, driver’s license number and other similar records depending on the definition of personal information in the law of the respective state.

The medium of notification

When an incident of information breach is occurred, the business needs to notify its customers. Some states in the USA force the company to send a written notification to its clients via email or letter via post. In some states, a company that has suffered a data breach incident needs to take permission from the state to send the notification via email. Interestingly, the state of Wisconsin does not allow businesses to notify their customers through emails.

The definition of data breach also varies

It is not necessary that every information leakage is treated as an incident of breach and companies bound to follow all those protocols. An incident of data leakage is determined as an incident of a data breach with respect to the severity of the danger it imposes on customers’ information. But, no matter what kind of information a business suffers, it should be taken seriously. Some of the states force the companies to notify the stakeholders as soon as an incident occurs, on the other hand, some states give some leniency to the companies and allow them to first gauge the severity of the breach and then notify accordingly.

Whenever a business is victimized of data breach, it needs to act promptly and take proper measures in order to keep their stakeholders’ protected from loss and with respect to the law of the state. If sensitive records of a business are compromised, it surely makes the business suffer.

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Three Ways to Stop Laptop Thieves from Accessing Your Information

Laptops are widely used by computer users all around the world today. There are the latest features stuffed laptops and notebooks where ever you look. There are small laptops, giant laptops, light laptops, in short every sort of laptops are available in the market. With hundreds and thousands of laptops in use all around the globe, there are equal opportunities for the thieves to make quick bucks by stealing them and even worse, by extracting out the sensitive information saved in them. There is a fair possibility that the thief will access your information and if he is not insane, he will not lose the opportunity to make more money by trading it or using to earn by fraudulent activities.

It is better to rely on taking precautions rather than to bank on laptop recovery software there are hardly any stories about laptop recovery software. There are a number of ways in which data thieves and burglars can reach out data and by turning the network off, the software will never be able to report on the assigned destination. Instead of using such laptop recovery software, it is wiser to use data security software that Password Protect Folders. It will surely help in keeping your information secured as the burglar will not be able to access to your sensitive records.


A simple rule that all the computer users should learn, especially if they are using the portable computer. No matter how many accounts you use, whether they are banking accounts, email accounts or even social media accounts, you should log them all out every time get away from your laptop. Just have this scenario, a thief stolen your precious laptop, he connected the WiFi and opened a couple of social media sites and some e-commerce sites. He got all the accounts logged in, literally, it’s a pleasant gift to the thief from you. Other than that, keep all your passwords in your memory rather than keeping them in record digitally or physically. If you have your accounts logged out, but, the thief finds the file in which you have saved all that, you will be trouble, deep trouble!

The simplest of all the techniques to  protect your information in case of a lost or stolen laptop is by not letting your laptop to get lost or stolen. Just by being a bit careful and taking some precaution, you can avoid such a horrible incident. Make sure that you never leave your laptop abandoned in public places like in a restaurant, bus stand, airport on in the parks. Other than that, whenever you have to get out of the car, never leave it behind in the car on the seat. Either keep it in the trunk or keep it with you. Treat your laptop as a part of your body. You have probably the precious asset in it, i.e. your personal information.

Taking the above mentioned precautions will certainly help you in making your information secured. It is better to take preventative measure than to regret afterwards. Be sure that your information is safe, otherwise, you will a lot.

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Password Protect Folder is the Way to Go!

Cyber criminals have now turned their faces towards cell phones as they know that there are very few password protected folders. The majority of the mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are just waiting to be attacked by hackers. They really do not have any sort security barriers in the way towards their database. The mobile devices have been targeted by millions of malicious apps that can compromise your sensitive information. These devices are exposed to a number of threats and the users are responsible for that.


Lack of Password Usage

It has been observed that very few users seem to use password protection. Although, the majority of the mobile devices has the capability of password protecting files and folders, but, users use these facilities quite seldom. Now, users can set PIN or pattern or some orthodox passwords, but, still they avoid doing so. Moreover, even if the users use passwords, whether PIN, patterns or the ordinary password, they look to set up such generic passwords that are extremely easy to guess. Such as PINs like 1234, 0000 or passwords like 123456, 12345 and similar.

Unsecured WiFi

Unsecured WiFi connections are also a big source of leaking information. The emails sent using such unprotected hotspot; it is usually unprotected and can be compromised during transition. Any program that is sending your emails without encryption that easily be extracted out while they are the move towards the recipient.

Infectious Applications

One of the biggest problems for computer users around the world is that there are many programs that can infect your computing device. People cannot actually trust the third party mobile applications and computer software. The reason for is that there can be malicious programs disguised in shape of games, utility apps or software and similar. Therefore, you have to be sure that the app or software you use is authentic and is safe to use. These kinds of infectious programs can compromise your delicate information.


Outdated Operating Systems

The use of outdated versions of can be injurious regarding your data’s security. The companies produce newer versions of operating systems not just for the sake of earning, but, also they resolve the issues that respective operating systems have. These loopholes in the operating systems can be with respect to the security. Some of the Android’s versions have been vulnerable regarding information security, so, using such OS is like inviting trouble to harm you.

Outdated Security Programs

A big problem that security experts have observed in computer users is that even if they keep some security program in their mobile devices of computers, they do not update it. Keeping an outdated software is almost useless as it has not been equipped to fight against the latest threats that evolve every day. Hackers sharpen their tools daily and work to develop more and more sophisticated malicious software. So, in order to Password Protect Folder, you need to keep your security programs up to date, whether they are of computer of mobile devices.

The above are some of the reasons due to which computer users suffer data security issues. Opting for password protected folders, avoiding unsecured WiFi connections to sign in personal accounts, ignoring unknown third party apps and updating your OS as well as security programs can keep your information easily secured.

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Password Protect Folders—The Key to Data Security

Password Protect Folders – A Brief Introduction!

All the business persons and the individual computer users are exposed to the huge threat of data breach. No matter if you are a student, a housewife, an employee or a business owner, you need to password protect your folders in order to maintain your data’s security. Businesses are more likely to hit by an event of a data breach as they have important information that can benefit their rivals, hackers and other people. Apart from hackers, there is another huge threat to business. Their data is in danger due to the employees of the company.

The biggest risk imposed to companies’ data is due to the modern principle BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to facilitate workers. The principle can enhance the performance of a company’s workers, but, it also imposes risks to a company’s data. Knowing the fact that how destructive this principle of BYOD can be for the company’s information security, more than 60 percent of the companies still do not have any sort of BYOD policy to enforce. That means they do not have any sort of security measures like password protecting folders to tackle the threat of BYOD principle’s peril.

password protect folders

password protect folders

Statistics tell that nearly 80 percent of the organizations accept that they have not created any kind of awareness in their employees regarding the hazards of BYOD. The employees of the companies are not educated concerning how to use BYOD principle effective and carefully. Otherwise, this modern principle can be devastating and can cause a company some huge losses. Companies do not tend to use data security measures that can Password Protect Folders that can provide their sensitive records respectable security. If a company leaks their marketing plan, financial records, clients’ information or similar data, it can cause them the loss of goodwill as well as the financial loss.

There is also an enormous problem of discrimination; there are nearly 40 percent of the companies that have BYOD policy in place. But, out of those 40 percent companies, about 25 percent of the companies do not bind the executive personals to follow those policies, which is just miserable. A matter of fact is that an unsecured USB flash drive, smartphone, tablet or laptop of an executive personal is as vulnerable to data security threats as any gadget of an intern. Even, the executive people of companies seem to have more sensitive information than a worker of lower staff can have in his/her device.

BYOD is a widely used principle these days, but, still, there are about one-third of the companies that are against this principle and discourage the use of employees’ own devices to perform tasks. Their step of not opting for BYOD principle seems to be quite unrealistic these days, but, they are securing their data that can save them from facing real heavy losses. If a company wants to allow its employees to use their own devices, they should password protect folders, so that, no employee can steal information and carry it out of the company. If employees will not have any sensitive business records in their devices, the company will not have to worry about their data’s security.

Password Protect Folders- Summary :

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Password Protect Folders – Best Encryption Softwares

Password Protect Folders Introduction !

There is a simple principle that you have to be very well aware of the thing that is causing such problem. The same principle applies in the scenario of data breach. In order to tackle the problem data security, you should know the causes of data breach, the sources that can harm your data security and similar details. You should have a fair idea of which types of your data can be targeted by data thieves, what tools they can use to get your data and which techniques data thieves can use to extract your records out. Here are some of the things you need to know about to know about data breaches.

Data theft is a source that contributes the most in data leakage. This category includes the hack attacks of online criminals that are considered to be the fiercest attacks on your database. Other than the hackers’ attempts to get data, there can be physical theft of your data by accessing your computer or stealing your portable drive. In these days, use of portable drives such as USB flash drive has been increased a lot, where it has provided you the ease to carry data, it also has imposed huge threats to your records as these small drives are prone to getting lost or stolen.

password protect folders

password protect folders

The basic problem of your data’s security is that you do not pay much of an attention on its security. If you really want your information to be protected, use software that can Password Protect Folders. Other than that, do not try to collect heap of data as the more data you have the tougher it will be secure. There are also some other advises IT experts give for the security of your data, such as you should not plug in any unknown portable drive your computer and avoid keeping the same password for each of your accounts.

Password Protect Folders  Summary :

Knowing your problem well helps you in finding its proper solution. In order to protect your data, you should have all the necessary information about the tools and techniques for the purpose and the kinds of data breach that occur.

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A Data Breach Incident can really be Hazardous

Every now and then, an incident of data breach suffered by a known business decorates headlines. Well established companies feature news as they loss thousands of records of their clients, it can be general information such as just usernames and passwords or they can be confidential like credit card numbers, bank account numbers or similar records. These incidents of data breach do not only cause them financial loss as they lose many of their customers, they also lose their goodwill which they had earned working their hearts out. Companies suffered hazardous consequences in the result of an incident of data breach; however, if you are an individual you can also be targeted by hackers and can make you suffer.


There are firewalls, antivirus and other such programs are recommended for the sake of data security, but, I believe that people underestimate the value of data security software that can Password Protect Folders. If a hacker gets his way into your database through all the firewalls you have set, he can easily be able to fetch out the kind of information he wants to. On the other hand, if your computer gets infectious, there would be very little chance of giving your data safety. That is why password protecting folders is always helpful, even if a crook gets into your database, or, a malicious program infects your computer, your data would be safe because of password protection.

In the majority of the cases of data breach, companies or individuals do not realize that their precious information has been stolen. Usually, a third party or some other signals make you realize that there you are now in a big trouble. You should be ready with the emergency plan, what steps would you take if your records get compromised. Data security is not such a big issue; educating yourself regarding the security of your data can help you big time. So, be aware with the latest happenings in the tech world, all the tools and techniques crooks are using, this can keep you protected from a number of losses.

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