Problems that Make Data Security Vulnerable on Your Smartphone

When it comes to the issue of data security, almost all the portable computing devices are on the target. The lack of security measures motivates hackers and other criminals to attack mobile devices for the purpose of information theft. The number of malware applications that spread the virus and infect your devices are increasing by leaps and bounds. There are a number of problems with mobile computing devices, especially, smartphones. Smartphones contribute the lion’s share in data breach all around the globe and if people recognize these issues, they can get over the data security problem. Here are some of these problems.

In most of the cases, mobile devices do not have any sort of password protection. Mobile computing devices such as smartphone usually lack identity authentication via password or by some other means. All Android smartphones have three kinds of user credential that you can use as your passcode. You can either use a complex password, a unique PIN or a mind boggling pattern to strengthen your privacy. Locking your device is the first and foremost step towards data security. But, people seem to be too lazy to set up a passcode for their device, they consider it a waste of time and hectic to enter a passcode again and again.  This ignorant behavior steers them towards data breach and other similar problems.


Another reason why smartphone users face this huge problem is due their love of using free WiFi connections. User crave to find and use free and unsecured hotspot connections that they can use to socialize or perform other activities as well. The shocking and sad reality is that a number of smartphone users do have some knowledge about data breach and how damaging it can be, but, still, they tend to use those open connections to perform financial transactions, access official email and other accounts and many such activities. Users need to understand the problem and look for their way out.

Moreover, keeping applications unlocked on your smartphone also causes trouble. Applications on your Android phone contains your personal and confidential information, whether they are social apps, fun apps, electronic banking apps or others. If someone gets his or her hands on your phone, he or she will be able to access all your personal details in those applications. The leaked information can be devastating for you. Consequently, you must a reliable App Lock that can lock all your apps with different techniques, so that anyone trying snooping cannot get successful.

People stick to one operating system, they get comfortable using one, so they do not update it. As the new updates of operating systems come up with some bug fixes, older issues are solved in the new released versions. If people will get reluctant of updating their smartphone to the new version, they will keep using the same operating system with the same loopholes and lackings. As a result, updating your OS is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, hackers will love your idea of using the same OS and they will enjoy attacking you.

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Best Practices to Avoid Data Breach on Smartphone

Mobile phone has become a necessary part of daily routine communication. Mobile phones were used to be a gadget that could only serve their users for purposes like dialing and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages. But, now, these mobile phones have evolved and have almost turned into a whole new invention. The new breed of mobile phones is intelligent, that is why they are called smartphones. They can store huge amount of information and can perform almost all the task that a computer can perform along with the basic functions. But, as smartphones have become necessary and a blessing for users, it also imposes some big threats to their security. Here are some of the best practices that keep smartphone users away from such heavy losses.

Always keep your phone in your passion or at least within your reach. Do not leave your beloved smartphone abandoned anywhere, even for the shortest of spans. Moreover, try to keep your phone in your pocket in public, do not show it off.

Always keep your smartphone locked, either with a strong password, a unique PIN or a complex pattern. Keep your security credential a secret and never reveal it to anyone. This will help you keep your privacy intact.

Use Download App Lock Apk , it is essential and easy to do. Apps reveal a lot of minor and important details about you, a crook can easily take a lot of benefit from this and can harm you. Keeping sensitive apps locked will help your cause.


You must have full knowledge about the information that is stored on your smartphone, the nature of the data and its significance for you and others. Thus, you can better take care of it.

When you are disposing off your phone, take backup of all the data that is stored on it, remove SD card and SIM if there is any, format your smartphone and also factory reset it. These steps will surely strengthen your protection.

Download only trusted applications from  trusted app stores online. Smartphones have a big issue of malware, there are thousands of infectious applications available in the app stores that make your security even more vulnerable.

Always try to backup the data stored on smartphone on the cloud server, it makes your information available from anywhere, there is no fear of losing it afterwards. Cloud server is an excellent technology and you should make the most out of it.

People tend to carry their smartphone everywhere without having any significant security measures. They carry all the confidential information that includes pictures, videos, documents, notes, and everything else. Smartphones are brutally targeted by hackers and if you are an Android phone user, the success of hack attempts are as high as around 88 percent. There is a lot of room for improvement in all operating systems, especially, Android. Smartphone users should be aware of the dangers that they have to encounter and take measures accordingly. The mentioned practices are the best one regarding data security, according to experts, thus, you should follow them.

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The Future Of Smartphones is Smarter Phones

Have you ever thought seeing your smartphone that how come you are able to carry a phone that is also a mini computer in your. If you have not given it a thought ever, then pull out your smartphone from your pocket and remember the time where this idea seemed absolutely unreal. An interesting fact is that this shape and features of smartphones are not ultimate. These intelligent phones have a brighter future; it is not anywhere near to perfection. It is vulnerable regarding data security, however, File & Password Vault can improve it, but, still, it has a long way to go. Here are some of the future predictions about smartphones, what features they might carry and how useful they can get.

Iris scans

You must have seen in Hollywood movies that extremely confidential information is hidden in a vault, which can only be opened through scanning of the iris of the concerned person. The person stands in front of a high-tech machine that scans the person’s eye, identifies the iris and unlocks the door. It certainly makes us feel that whether we will ever be able to have iris scan security locks. Well, the moment is not too far when we will be using our eye’s iris to unlock our phone. In fact, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has even tested iris scanning on their smartphone. Their intelligent cell phone scans the person’s iris and unlocks the phone. The owner will not have to enter the password every time; just staring at the phone will do the trick. It is exciting.


Privacy pixels

Shoulder snooping and prying eyes are a common problem when you are using your phone at a public place or in the presence of someone. But, the remedy is almost ready, according to some reports, Dell has come up with software that warp the patterns of pixels on the screen, which enables only the user to see the screen. The screen can only be seen within the 60 degree range. Although, this technology has not been tested on a smartphone yet, but, there is no reason to disbelieve the fact that it is soon be tested on cell phones as well. It will surely boost up people’s privacy when they will use their beloved smartphone in a public place. Only he or she will be able to see the screen and the shoulder snoopers will just dark images that will have no interpretation.

Augmented reality

You must have seen a scene from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 3, where he gets all the information about his mission in a pair of sunglasses. It seemed a fantasy that time, but, today it has become a reality or I may say we have moved very near making it a reality. Google Glass is such an example, although, Google’s product is not adapted by the world, but, it has shown us the future of gadgets. Smartphones will able us to make it a reality very soon. There is no doubt that the future of smartphones is smarter phones. The future of these gadgets is bright and will be full of surprises. You can expect anything from them, you will surely love the future phones.

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Some Basic Techniques Used by Hackers to Steal Data

The digital thieves of this era try to hunt down innocent computer users with a variety of new and creative techniques. They use different sophisticated to encounter users that have no or almost negligible measures of data security. In order to keep your records safe from falling into the wrong hands, you need to use software that can Lock Files, which provide you significant protection against these devilish geniuses cyber criminals. It is always good to know your problem to the fullest to tackle it in a better way. Consequently, you need to know the basic and the most commonly used hacking techniques to stay safe.

Email Phishing Scams

Email phishing is probably the oldest, most used and the most successful means of hacking used by hackers.  In this technique, cyber criminals send out emails in bulk, targeting almost thousands of users every time. These emails seem to be genuinely sent by a bank, a restaurant or from a government official. There are links or files attached to these emails that are asked to be clicked. These links are infectious and can infect your computer or can lead you towards some sort of registration, where you are asked for your user credentials. If you provide your credentials there, then they will get all they want. To an estimate, if 100,000 people receive such emails, around 400 of them fall into their plot.


Buffer Overflow

This technique is often used by sophisticated hackers. Hackers get the hold of users’ data with the help of online forms. They get their way through to an online form and provide unwarranted data in a form field. Ordinary security measures are unable to tackle such acts of hackers when data in large amount is being entered from an unknown entry point.

Stealing Passwords

The ignorance of people towards setting up a strong password is a major issue. People tend to use the default username and passwords that are issued by the company. That makes the hackers choice extremely easy, fetching out default user credentials is a piece of cake for them. Moreover, even if people change their passwords, they set them up extremely simple. For instance, some of the most popular passwords used all around the world are ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’, ‘getmein’ and others. Other than that, hackers use sophisticated tools to track your passwords, they use some sort of keylogger and other instruments as well.

Free Passwords Download

It is extremely common these days. You cannot trust free software at all. Programs that are available without any significant price or usually buggy and injurious to your computer and especially for your personal information. These software usually infects your system, it can misbehave and can leak your personal records as well. Hackers are well aware of this fact and they use it for their benefit with effectiveness and efficiency.

These are some of the basic techniques used by hackers that can cause you severe damage. When you know what kind of threats you have to tackle, you can work on their remedies better.

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The Unrealized Importance Of Passwords

With technology progressing by leaps and bounds, the importance of passwords is also increasing. However, users do not really realize the significance of passwords and often ignore their role in having reliable security. Data security experts always put heavy emphasis on the importance of passwords, but, users turn a deaf year to these guidelines. There is a small percentage of people that keep their personal and confidential files protected. Other ones that even to safeguard their personal files and folders, tend to keep a generic and simple password. People usually get bamboozled when they try to set up a strong password for their secret data. They do not understand that how they can actually create a strong password. File & Password Vault facilitates users to generate strong passwords with their built-in password generator.


Well, a strong password is complex, it cannot be easily guessed by anyone. A password that you can find in a dictionary is never a preferred one. Which means, you cannot set up a word as your passcode, you will somehow have to modify or do something to get it tough, complex and hard to guess. A password like ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty’ cannot be found in a dictionary, but, still are extremely vulnerable passwords. Moreover, if you think you are smart to use your name, your fiancé or husband’s name, your sibling’s or child’s name, your date of birth or anniversary date as your login credential, then you should know that it is not at all smart. All these passwords are obvious and are extremely easy to guess. Moreover hackers are immensely efficient in the guessing game, plus, they have sophisticated tools for extracting passwords as well.

Well, here is a guide about how can you set up a strong password. A strong passcode is a complex combination lowercase and uppercase letters. The combination must have some numeric digits i.e. from 1 to 10 and to make it further mind boggling, put some special symbols in it, such as !, @, # and etc. This blend of characters will have no particular trend or series that a crook follow and reach to your password. A strong password is the one that is easy to remember. The password can be driven from some kind of your life event or something else that is close to your heart. A strong password is essential for tight data security, to be honest, it is the first step towards information protection.

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Folder Lock for Android

Folder Lock for Android allows you to password-protect your personal files, photos, videos, documents, contacts and every other sort of data. Moreover, you can view your photos and watch your secured videos within the app’s secure interface. You can write secure notes and record voice secretly. You have the liberty to import files from the SD card or download it directly into the app using its built-in browser. If you want to transfer your files from your PC or Mac, you can transfer them easily via WiFi using the PC/Mac feature. It has other features like panic switch, hack attempts monitoring, stealth mode and others that can beef up your security.