Data Breach Incidents, What Causes it?

The incidents of data breach have recently become headlines on many occasions. These data breach cases were the outcomes of hacking activities, back door entries by data thieves, use of vulnerable applications and even data theft activities of spies. These were some of the ways that these unpleasant incidents occurred. According to the Verizon RISK team, no student, housewife or a business personal was safe. Every sort of information, no matter belonged to whom was and is at risk of getting leaked. Online data thieves or the ones that do it physically are looking for data that is not secured with security software like Folder Lock.


There can be a number of reasons of stealing data. The online criminals usually get their way into people’s database so that they can make some money through it by selling information or by performing fraudulent activities. The cyber crooks usually look for easy target that can benefit them without facing some big risks. However, some of the professional hackers look to get the sensitive information of some specific individuals and companies even though the information is secured respectably. They somehow find their way into their database and extract out the intended information.

Hacking is the most lethal of attacks that can compromise your information as it is responsible for 52 percent of the breaches. However, malware and physical skimming are not much behind as  it contributes 40 percent and 35 percent respectively. However, apart from the outside threats, businesses face a huge insider threat that can compromise their information. Employees are responsible for a huge amount of information leakage. That is why Verizon has advised computer users to not to treat every threat equally and take measures as per the danger it imposes. Securing your records against hacking attacks or malware will not give your data foolproof security as there is a huge risk of insider data theft that you cannot deny.

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How recycling your PC can compromise your personal information.

Recycling an old desktop or laptop seems like a simple and straightforward task. However, did you know that your deleted files and folders can be recovered from your computer’s hard-drive? Although it may be hard to believe that despite deleting files and folders, they can still be recovered, this fact is absolutely true. Sensitive information such as financial statements, business documents, or photos and videos of a disreputable nature – those that could be used to blackmail you – can be extracted by anyone who manages to get access to your old PC. Therefore, you really need to take appropriate precautions before recycling your old PC. Consequently, the following are some useful tools and tips to assure your privacy is not compromised.

Use CCleaner:

One essential step you should take before recycling your PC is to make sure you run CCleaner on it. CCleaner is a must have app for any PC user, regardless of whether you are going to recycle your PC or not. The app is purpose built to clean and remove traces of browsing data, plus, it also speeds up your PC considerably. CCleaner will actually get rid of all your browser’s cookies and search history – because you don’t want anyone to find out what websites you like to visit most frequently.

Reset your PC with Windows 8:

Before Windows 8, geeks frequently utilized third-party data shredding software on windows vista and 7 machines.   However, with Windows 8, there’s no need to use third-party software anymore. Simply by going into the settings menu, one can reset windows 8 – sort of a fresh install – though none of your existing files and folders are affected. This feature is only available in Windows 8, so it may not be of any help.


Remove your hard-drive:

If you want to be 100 percent sure that your data won’t be compromised, then its best to remove the actual hard-drive from your desktop or laptop before sending it in for recycling. Even though you may have shredded your files and folders on your hard-drive, it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be discovered. In fact, criminals are known to spend thousands of dollars on developing the most sophisticated data recovery software. Thus, removing your hard-drive is only way you can assure data privacy.

Smash your hard-drive:

At some point or another, you’ll need to get rid of your hard-drive – without compromising your data. Consequently, the only way to truly recycle your hard-drive would be to smash it to bits. Surely, once smashed, your data is gone forever.

Summing up the points:

These are some of the essential things you have to do, in order to assure the security of your data. Of course, you can choose not to follow these tips at all – in that case you’ll also be risking your identity – thus, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Important tip:

Keep in mind that you can become victim of e-crime at any point. Therefore, it’s advisable to Lock Folders to prevent hackers and crackers from accessing them. Finally, make sure that your antivirus software is up to date to prevent malicious software from infecting your PC.

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How Can I Encrypt My Files and Folders

The tech world is full of different kinds of perils. Where the era of technology has made our life luxurious with a number of machines and gadgets, these machines and gadgets are the one that are responsible to make our lives miserable at times. One of those blessings is the freedom of saving as much information digitally as you please. But, this freedom of storing huge amount of data can become a curse if the information is not secured properly. The best way of securing data is encryption. There are different methods of encrypting files and folders.


Hashing Method

Hashing is a widely used method that is used to encrypt data. Well, actually, it is not really encryption, but, close it and it is quite handy in maintaining data’s security. Hashing creates separate fixed length signatures for each note or data set. The process of hashing gives each message or data set a specific identity. If anyone tries to alter the message or the set of data, it gets pretty easily tracked. Once the message or dataset is encrypted using the respective technique, it cannot be reversed or decrypted. But, as the procedure of hashing is relatively easy, it widely used all around the world.

Symmetric Method

There is another method of encrypting data that is called symmetric method. This method is also known as private-key cryptography. The reason that the symmetric method of encryption is known as private-key cryptography is that the key that is needed to encrypt and decrypt a message, data piece or file are remained secure. But, if anyone gets hold of the key, he/she can easily decrypt the message and the information that is secured with it will easily be compromised.

Asymmetric Method

Asymmetric is a different technique of encrypting data altogether as it requires two separate keys to encrypt files and folders and to decrypt files and folders. This technique is better for the sake of data’s security. It offers a single public key that is needed to encrypt the message, but, no unauthorized person can decrypt the message. This method is also highly used all over the world to encrypt data.


The above were some of the methods to encrypt your sensitive information. But, these techniques are difficult to apply and need some computer skill. But, there is no point of getting worried as there is data Encryption Software available on the market. Data is security is extremely necessary in this era of technology. If you will keep yourself indifferent from this issue, you might have to suffer quite a lot in the future.

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How to hide my secret folder from my wife?

Why men behave differently?

Men have needs; these needs cannot be suppressed as most women would like to believe.  Male hormones make men behave differently from women. Therefore, men cannot help themselves but stare at other women – regardless of their marital status.

Men do what comes naturally

Although, it’s unethical for married men to look at other women, it’s a perfectly natural behavior. In nature, males compete to mate with as many females as they possibly can. Thus, for man to simply stare at other women or even cheat on his mate is perfectly natural. By having sex with more women, he is fulfilling his natural instincts to further his birthright – though his wife would look at this in a different light altogether.

Bad effects of disloyalty

On the other end, a man also has to look at how his cheating would affect his marriage.  Therefore, most men keep their unfaithfulness a secret from their wives. However, stuff such as photos, videos and text messages can reveal their secret activities – resulting in divorces or breakups.

Difference between foolish men and smart men

 Most men avoid taking images and videos with their love affair – leaving nothing to chance. However, others are not too smart, and don’t think twice about taking naughty pictures with their lover using their phones. In addition, they carelessly send out text messages without encrypting them – increasing their chances of getting caught.   

How to avoid getting caught?

Taking naughty pictures with one’s secret love affair is not a bad thing, though getting caught doing it certainly is. So how does one not get caught by their wives? Well, it’s simple. All one has to do, is password protect files and folders. To get started, follow these instructions:


  1. Create a separate file with all images and videos you have taken with your love affair.
  2. Give the folder an unusual name, such win64xp or something of that nature (your wife certainly won’t bother looking inside this folder.)
  3. Save the file in an unusual location – somewhere your wife may not care to look – perhaps somewhere deep inside your document folder.
  4. Leave nothing to chance: make sure she never discovers this folder, to do this, hide, lock and password-protect your secret folder using software which acts as virtual File Lock. This will make sure that your folder cannot be discovered by anyone.

What is a file lock?

File lock is software which acts as a virtual safe for your PC; it is designed to protect all your private and confidential data.

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Interesting Statistics Regarding Social Media

Social Media is not fading way by the time, but, it is getting more essential in everyday life day by day. The world of social media is changing at a rapid pace, here are some facts regarding social media that might surprise you.

Almost 190 million users use Facebook from mobiles only

The statistics might have surprised you as you never have thought that such a huge number of users access Facebook from their mobile phones. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the ad revenue that Facebook earns is also with the courtesy of users that has increased quite a bit in the span of just one year. So, consider how your content will appear on the mobile devices next time you upload something.

The Growth of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network that is expanding by leaps and bounds. To an estimate, almost a person joins the network on every 2 seconds. Well, calculating the number of people joining LinkedIn in a day is a complex calculation. It is a great place where you can make some contacts with professionals in your field and it can help you in having a successful professional run. Although, the active users’ percentage on the network is low as compared to the other giants like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, but, it is still very effective for professionals.

People between ages 55 to 64 are heading towards Twitter the most

Now, you have always thought that the social media is popular among the youth and aged people are not much fond of it. Well, get ready to get blown away with this amazing fact. The percentage of joining Twitter that is aged 55 to 64 has been increased by 79 percent. Facebook and Google+ are also not left much behind; people that are heading most towards these social networks are aged between 45 years to 54 years.


Social Media has taken the position of the No. 1 activity on the web

Social media has overtaken as the most performed activity on the web. Before social media, the position was held by R-rated websites for a long period of time. Now, when you will be spending your time on a social media, you will think that the majority of the people on the web are using social media. Well, this achievement of social media is appreciable and has a relatively positive effect on the people.

Almost 25% of the Facebook users do not set Privacy Setting

It is astonishing that almost 25 percent of all the users are least concerned about their privacy setting. Social media is a big source of identity theft as thugs extract out the pictures, videos and other things out of the social networking sites of people that are eventually used in stealing identities.

There is always some news regarding data theft through the social networking websites. You have to use data security software that can Lock Files, so that if a hacker finds his way to your database through malicious links, your information is secured with reliable software. Social websites are a great source of information and fun, but, it can be lethal if it is misused by the users.


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The Miserable Situation of Data Security

There have been a number of information breach attacks throughout the years that became the headlines of the news story. But, there were about twice or thrice data breach incidents that just gone unnoticed. It means that there are many people that never get aware of the fact there information have been compromised.  A former federal prosecutor and founder of the online security company, Hemanshu Nigam said about this situation “What you are seeing is hackers gone wild”. He further said that if we do not stand up against this spreading disease, it may become incurable in the future. When a person’s information is compromised and he is aware of it, he just cannot do anything about except sitting and watching his accounts helplessly.

According to the reports of Privacy Rights Clearninghouse, more than 534 million social security numbers and financial account information has been leaked since 2005. In the previous year alone, there were more than 274 breach incident took place that affected 22 million personal records. Most of the leaked data contained email addresses. Seeing these statistics, there would hardly anybody whose information has been leaked.  The majority of data thefts is being performed for the sake of money, they try to extract out information about credit cards, bank account numbers or records that they can use to perform fraudulent acts.


This is such a vulnerable situation and nobody’s records are safe. Securing yourself from any horrifying situation is your core responsibility, using Folder Lock for the purpose would be a wise decision. Other than that, to keep yourself secure online, you have to maintain different usernames and passwords for each of the accounts you have. Setting up a strong password is another inevitable aspect of keeping your data secure. The leniency in setting up password is quite common and can be very brutal. The most common password that people set around the world is “123456” that shows the ignorance of the importance of data security.

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The Role of Secret Recipes in Success

Keeping secrets from the people whom you trust and who trust you is not a good practice. Keeping secrets usually increase the distances between the two individuals and even between the nations and the countries. Keeping the trust alive has been extremely beneficial for this world in the past and always will be good in the future. John. F. Kennedy was able to win the trust of his people and you still see wet eyes on his every death anniversary. Sharing of secrets strengthens the trust, but, there are some situations where you have to keep secret to be successful.


The secret recipes have been the cause of secret for some huge businesses. If you take the example of the world’s leading soft drink brand coca cola, its recipe is unknown to everybody in this world except a handful of employees. From 1886, when Dr. John Pemberton invented the recipe of coca cola, it has been still secret to the world. It was kept in a vault of Trust Company Bank until 2011 in Atlanta. Afterwards, it was shifted to a purposely built chamber in the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

Almost the similar story is related to the world’s leading fast food chain KFC. They also keep their secret recipe intact in a vault in KFC’s Louisville, Kentucky, headquarters. They take the ingredients from the two different companies unknown to each other that do not disclose the recipe even to the suppliers. If you have any such secret recipe or any other secret that you are afraid of losing, turn that secret in a soft copy and keep it locked in a digital locker with the help of software that can Lock Folders. There will be no threat to your secret whatsoever and it will never be revealed in front of the world.


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